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Dear Mr. Hinkle:

We had a wonderful time at the November 29th Victorian Christmas Ball. It was a spectacular sight to see so many finely dressed gentlemen and beautifully dressed women. It was evident that a lot of people put in many hours of preparation for the special evening. And where did you find such exquisite people? (I realize I ask you this just about every time). One lady who danced with me said she learned of 'We Make History' and the balls at the American Heritage Weekend and brought her entire family to share in the holiday festivities. Celebrations of a special 90th birthday, the announcement of a wedding engagement, sharing Christmas carols and acknowledging the real reason for the holiday celebration, that of the birth of our Savior, were some of the more special memories of the night. The music was top-notch as usual and the dances were all fun and at a level that would allow all to participate in and enjoy. If the attendance keeps increasing, you will have to find an even larger hall to host the ball. Limiting attendance would be a shame and result in the unfortunate denial of participation such a special event.

I have to say that the men in the more exotic uniforms and the women in the more colorful and intricate gowns, and those with the biggest smiles caught my attention to a higher degree. I took numerous photos and will share them with you shortly (as soon as we can properly edit them).

One incident which made me smile was a woman who asked me if I was from Mississippi. Dressed as a Regular Union soldier, the only grey on me was my beard. Another asked me if was difficult to dance in a heavy wool jacket. I responded by admitting it was a "tough job, but somebody had to do it".

I know that along with the good times, these balls involve many hours of hard work, annoying disruptions during the event, and considerable worry for you and your wife. We are blessed to have you to put them on for us. I look forward to the Grand Colonial Ball in January.

Mike C.    Glendale, Arizona

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hinkle,

We were delighted to attend the third annual ball and are proud to note that we have only missed the first one - and that only because we lived in California at the time. We don't plan to miss another!
What a wonderful event. We brought my son, Christopher, and his beloved, Ashley, this year. They are both 17 and had a great time! They promise to come to future balls with us. Perhaps we need to invest in clothing from other eras! (We're stuck in the 1860's.)
Thank you for all the work you do to organize these trips back in time. If you're ever in need of volunteers to help, we'd love to contribute any skills we may have.

Thank you once again,

Bill and Mikki
Chandler, Arizona


Dear Lord Scott,

Thank you very much for hosting such wonderful balls. My parents, sister, and I attended the Pride and Prejudice Ball last month and enjoyed it so much that we came to the Victorian Christmas Ball. It's hard to believe this, but I think I had even more fun at the Christmas Ball! It is so fun to gather for a wholesome, enjoyable family event such as the Balls. We can't wait for the next one! Sincerely,

Miss Mallory F.    Scottsdale, Arizona

PS--We especially enjoyed your little ones' rendition of "Away in a Manger".




Jim and I wanted to thank you for a most enjoyable holiday event. It was so gratifying to see the large crowd, beautifully dressed and polite young people and whole families participating. My daughter and her husband, my brother and Jim and I all wish you and your family a very happy holiday season and we hope you can make it up our way for the Acker Showcase on the 12th. Again, thanks for a memorable Christmas celebration!
Georgene and Jim    Prescott, Arizona


Dear Lord Scott,

I am a 14 year old home schooled student who attended the 3rd Annual Victorian Ball. I immensely enjoyed myself and enjoyed the company of those around me. I intend to come to many more balls including the Valentines Ball. I have recommended these events to all my friends. I thank you for making this possible in my life to go to these events.
thank you,
Merry Christmas,
and God bless
Miss Hannah H.

Dear Lord Scott,

We wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time at the Victorian Christmas Ball. It was a spectacular costume event that was both fun and socially pleasant. We have attended the other balls, and can state with much conviction that there is nothing better than a Victorian Christmas cotillion. Well done, Sir!

Robert and Diane G.    Mesa, Arizona

Comte et Comtesse de La Rochelle, Colonel de 2me Regiment de Dragons


Dear Lord Scott,

Thank you for providing a wonderful avenue for my Advanced Placement students to experience the history of the Victorian era. We were so impressed with the event and the people. We loved the dances and the opportunity to "step back in time" to experience the period when the customs and dress were so different from our own. This opportunity allowed my students to lean more than their textbook or a lecture could ever afford. Once again, I give you and your organization a well deserved "pat on the back". I can not recall a more pleasant evening! I hope to see my students for many years to come enjoying such a rare celebration of our nation's social history!

Twyla P.    Phoenix, Arizona

Advanced Placement U.S. History instructor - Chaparral High School, Scottsdale



Lord Scott,

Thank you again for a wonderful evening. Mr. Lee and I agree that this was the best ball that we have attended and I cannot recall one that we have not enjoyed. Last evening was therapeutic as well as fun for us. You have truly been blessed to be a blessing.

M.C. Lee    Phoenix, Arizona


Dear, dear, Scott!

My again brought together so much beauty and joy!!! Fran and I had a BALL! Literally! So much fun seeing all the wonderful period clothing, dancing and friendly, warm people.
A delight watching your little girls growing each year...and that beautiful wife, Lesa! You have much to be proud of and thankful for, as I know you are! :O)
Of course, I understand the planning and organization time that it takes for these events...believe me, I don't take it all for granted...I appreciate every little detail! Thanks so much for your effort, Scott...
We send our holiday wishes to you and your family...keep safe and healthy!

Your friend,

Genny    Prescott, Arizona

My Dear Lord Scott - thank you for an absolutely delightful evening - the memories of which will last a lifetime. These wonderful events may seem small compared to what is happening the world right now, but they are a breath of fresh air and a welcome warmth of sunlight to us all. This was our daughter's and husband's (visiting from Denver) first experience with Victorian hospitality and dancing and they loved it.
Again, thanks for creating such an enchanting evening for everyone and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your delightful family.


Jim L.    Prescott, Arizona


Dear friend (Lord) Scott,

I just wanted to send you a note of encouragement praising your December newsletter. What an excellent job you have done to communicate the excitement of your events, present the vision of WMH, and stir anticipation for the future. One is moved by the vivid descriptions painting beautiful pictures of recaptured bygone eras. Bravo!

Blessings upon you,

Dave C.    Scottsdale, Arizona










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