We Make History

Proudly Presented

The Royal Governors

Grand Colonial Ball

January 17th, 2004    Phoenix, Arizona


































































































The Pineapple was a symbol of

Hospitality & Welcome

in Colonial America.
















Comments from our Loyal Subjects


Your Royal Highness,

       Please allow me to convey to you my sincere thanks, as you were a most gracious and merry host.  The Grand Colonial Ball was the most enjoyable of the three balls I have attended thus far.  I believe the high caliber of the attendees and the masterful job by the band helped to make this last ball a truly unique experience.  But it is your leadership as a man whose vision is to see the finer and more excellent things embraced and cherished by others, that really gives the balls their old fashioned grace. 

       I look forward with great anticipation to attending yet another gay and joyous evening studded with gallant gentlemen and lovely ladies.

I remain your obd't servant,

Lord Goring    Scottsdale, Arizona


Lord Scott:

I once again had a splendid time last evening.  Everything from the music, the dance-mistress, the ballroom, to the wonderful people you manage to find, several of them 'regulars', but many who were in attendance for the first time.  I have not seen such a fine collection of well dressed gentlemen and ladies at a Grand Colonial Ball in the past.  The clothing and accoutrements were outstanding.  The students from Chaparral High School were delightful and really added to the evening.  Other than your royal self and your beautiful queen, I was most impressed with the with the British major and his lovely lady who graced the evening with their attendance. 

I am,

Quite Respectfully,

Your Most Obedient servant and friend

Mike C.    Glendale, Arizona


My Lord and Lady,

The Grand Colonial Ball  was a most beautiful and entertaining evening.  The splendor was breathtaking. We thank you kindly for your gracious invitation and did relish in the sweet refreshments of the evening's occasion. The dances were different as one might expect of this period and afforded us a challenge. We thoroughly enjoyed reacquainting ourselves with those whom we had met at the last ball.  We would also find pleasure in attending more gatherings such as the recent picnic under the pine.

Your most humble and obedient followers,

Charles and Ann    Mesa, Arizona


Dear King Charles,

We thank you for such a lovely evening.  Your subjects are certainly some of the greatest hosts!
Again, we enjoyed it immensely and we will return.
Thank you.
Your royal, loyal subjects!
The Plzaks    Gilbert, Arizona


Your Majesty,

What a delightful evening! We did so enjoy this ball, it was simply splendid. I think I enjoyed this one more than any other. The smaller group
made for a very relaxed and friendly environment where one was able to converse with many different people and not feel overwhelmed. Thank you
again for all of your hard work and dedication. It was a pleasure seeing you and your charming wife again.
Many blessings,
Sharon M.    Phoenix, Arizona


Your Most Noble Excellence,
I had a most wonderful time enjoying my first Grande Colonial Ball. It was a splendid evening that I and my colleague (John) found absolutely delightful. The costumes, the customs, and the culture, we both found most refreshing, and look forward to attending more of your Balls in the future. Thank you again for your understanding as we were guests of Madam Socorro, and for your pardon in her having neglected to notify you of her intent to have us as her guests. I shall endeavor to bring a youth of 13 with me at your next event, should you permit him to attend. He would benefit greatly in learning many proper Colonial mannerisms and culture, and I know that he is quite intrigued with history so that he would have a most joyful time in learning. Please inform me if his age is too young for such an event. Thank you again for being our gracious host.
Best Regards,
Sir Keith of Art    Phoenix, Arizona


Lord Scott:

Thank you very much for giving the American History AP students at Chaparral a chance to "make history" last Saturday.  The ball was very fun and I
enjoyed it immensely.  Keep the balls coming, and I hope everyone will be a success. Good Luck!

Michael S.    Scottsdale, Arizona
AP History Student at Chaparral H.S.


Dear Lord Scott/King Charles II-

I had a wonderful time at the ball. It was really enjoyable!! I loved wearing the wigs!! I hope to go to your Civil War Ball in March. I know that will be just as fun. Oh by the way, thank you for the dance your Majesty!!  Thanks again.


Hillary R.    Chaparral H.S.    Scottsdale, Arizona


Lord Scott, 

I am most pleased to be of the occasion to correspond with his lordship on the subject of the Grand Colonial Ball. 

Lady Redmayne and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening of dance and congenial conversation with old friends and the making of new acquaintances. After being in such good company of our colonial brethren, such fine young ladies and gentleman all, I am most distressed that there would ever be any enmity among mother England and her children. 

I remain sir, your humble and obd't

Major John Redmayne

His Majesty's Coldstream Guards    Fountain Hills, Arizona





The Grand Colonial Ball is one of our most brilliant annual Events, featuring famous Persons and gorgeous Fashions ranging from the 16th through the 18th centuries. Europeans & Colonists of the late Renaissance, Elizabethan, Baroque & Georgian eras were welcomed at this splendid Historic Dance Event hosted this year by King Charles II of England and Queen Louise of Sweden. Renowned Explorers, European Aristocrats, Colonial Ladies & Gentlemen and Revolutionary era Patriots were all among the Merry Throng.

Enjoy the Photos and Comments!