Kind Comments from George Washington's Friends


Dear General Washington,

My husband and I attended our first ball this last Saturday night.  You make an excellent host and our only regret of the evening is that we were not able to catch you to personally wish you a happy birthday! Please allow me the liberty of doing so now in wishing you many happy returns!
As this was our first ball we were not quite sure how the evening would progress, but let me say you exceeded all our expectations!  The company was delightful, the music enchanting, the dance master excellent in his field.  We left wishing that April 3rd, and there by the next ball, were much closer then it is!

Thank you again for your time and providing such wonderful entertainment!

Yours & C,

J. Durda    Mesa, Arizona


Dear President and Mrs. Washington,

Thank you for your gracious hospitality at the ball this Saturday. The opportunity to see many friends and dance as a lady among ladies and gentlemen was a most refreshing treat!

Your dedication to hosting these balls has been such a blessing to me. Once again, thank you for you commitment to establishing a "beacon" of culture and refinement in our rapidly "unrefining" world!


Miss Jenna L.    Chandler, Arizona


Lord Scott,
Thank you for the wonderful evening!  That was one of the best balls to date!  The "Cinderella Gets Her Due" dance was fantastic! (May we do it again?  It was really effective in mixing all the groups!) Using candy hearts for the ladies and gentlemen's choice dances was quite sweet too. (Pardon the pun!). 
Since we all had such a wonderful time, we are now working on putting together a group from our church to come to the next Ball, perhaps about twenty people.
Luz L.    Coolidge, Arizona


My Dear General Washington -

I had a wonderful time at the ball once again, and I also had a wonderful time watching the students have a wonderful time at the ball.  They did as you said and were perfect ladies and gentlemen during the ball.  They were awesome!  I would hope that they will stay that way.  They did make me feel younger. Despite the large crowd, there was still plenty of opportunity to dance, (it only made the grand march a bit difficult). May GOD continue to Bless you and your wonderful family. Thank you for what you are doing for us.
I am,
Your Humble Servant
Sgt. Mike C.    Glendale, Arizona


Hello Scott and Lisa aka George & Martha,

It was a marvelous occasion. We did so enjoy the evening by meeting new dancers and visiting with others we had met previously.  The music was outstanding as was the dancemaster. It was quite a feat to choreograph so many. Thanks you for the extra speakers, the cool air and the additional refreshment table. We hope to bring another new couple to the final ball of the spring season.

We also appreciate your tireless efforts to provide a spectacular occasion (in spite of your cold). Thanks, Chuck and Roonie    Mesa, Arizona


I just wanted to say, to anyone who reads this, thank you so much for what you do! I had a fabulous time at my first ball last night! It's a great thing you do.
Keep it up!!
Cathi G.    Glendale, Arizona


Dear Lord Scott,

I was so sad that we were too late to submit this for your website but, my friends and I had such a great time at the Valentine's Ball and we just wanted to share our experience. We had the most enjoyable time at the Washington, Lincoln & Valentine's Ball! The ballroom was gorgeous and the people were very sweet to us and our friends by introducing themselves and talking awhile.We are looking forward to the upcoming Ball.

Best regards,

Tiffany B., Allison C., Kimberly Z., and Christina T.    Scottsdale, Arizona


Dear Lord Scott,
I would like to thank you again for the wonderful evening at the President's Day Ball.  As my first Historic Ball I was very impressed and I enjoyed myself very much.  Thank you once again for the wonderful evening at the ball.  Give my regards to George and Martha.
 William C.    Scottsdale, Arizona



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February 21st, 2004

Phoenix, Arizona


Patriots & Romantics enjoyed this multi-era extravaganza celebrating the February birthdays of two great presidents as well as the time honored observance of Valentine's Day.  Fashions ranging from 1732-1865 were featured as well as live period music and historic dance.


The 2003 WLV Ball


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