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The 1865

Remembrance Ball

April 2nd, 2005    Phoenix, Arizona

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April 1865

After four long years of conflict, General Robert E. Lee surrenders to General Ulysses S. Grant near Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia. Southern Independence is no more. An atmosphere of almost religious solemnity attends the proceedings which are carried out with profound respect by both sides. Many Confederate soldiers weep uncontrollably as all reflect upon the terrible loss. In compassion, many on the Union side share their rations with their recent foes. A redemptive spirit of consolation prevails, a tone set by the commanders and followed by the officers and men of all ranks.

To honor this poignant episode in American History, We Make History presented its 5th annual Civil War Ball, The 1865 Remembrance Ball, a special evening of period music, historic dance, singing, dramatic portrayals by "eyewitnesses" and a reenactment of the surrender at Appomattox.





















Weeping Confederates furl the Flag




















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Fond Regards from our Friends of The North and South

"This has been the best evening of enjoyment and history I have had in seventy three years."

Lois K.    Phoenix, Arizona


My dear Lord and Lady Scott,

     Iíve heard many stories about the We Make History balls, and, as I found out last night, none of the praise has been exaggerated. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into these balls.

Thank you for the most incredible night of my life.

I will be eagerly awaiting the next ball.

      Most Sincerely Yours,

         Miss Katie E.    Prescott, Arizona


Lord and Lady Scott,
    I wanted to thank you for all of the hard work and effort you put into We Make History to provide us with evenings of fun, honor, and dance.
    I have enjoyed coming to your balls and am always so impressed by all that attend. It is so refreshing to go somewhere and be treated with respect and dignity. In this day and age, girls only seem to worry about having or getting a boyfriend and that's how they treat men, and men seem to only treat girls as potential girlfriends and objects of desire. It is so wonderful to be able to go to your balls and throw aside the thoughts and pressures of the world and be completely comfortable, with both sexes being treated with respect, honor, and dignity. I have never once worried about any of the men attending the balls acting inappropriately, and all the girls seem to treat the men with the same honor, and respect.
    So, with all that to say, I just want to thank you for providing such wonderful, upstanding evenings and I always look forward to your balls.
 May God bless and keep you.
Kia C.    Scottsdale, Arizona


Dear Sir Scott and Lady Lesa,

I had to write to you and tell you again how much I enjoyed being at the Remembrance Ball. Since I have had to miss several of the balls this year it made this one even more special and fun!

I really enjoyed the singing with the Northern and Southern soldiers. It reminded me that just as I had dear friends standing on both sides, in the Civil War there were many families and friends split up with brothers, fathers and friends fighting on opposite sides. How hard that must have been! I am also glad that you recognized the officer who is leaving to serve our country in the military. Often these dedicated young men are not honored enough. Thank you for reminding us that our country's freedom does not come free!

It will be hard to wait until next fall to attend another We Make History Dance. But I shall look forward to it and hope that your summer is fruitful with plans for more memorable events! May God bless you and We Make History and may He draw our country evermore closer to Him.

Rachel C.    Glendale, Arizona 


To Lord Scott;

            Dear Sir:

Thank you so very much for the wonderful time I had At the ball. It was without a doubt the best event of the season.

The re-enactment of Gen. Lee's surrender was especially touching; there was an aura of reverence in the air during those brief moments. I noticed many a tear was shed as the General exited the "parlor". 

I am also pleased that Gen Lee's  portrait was so greatly appreciated.

My brother has been moved such by the event that he now wishes to become a constitutional lawyer as his profession.

Again, many thanks for all the effort you have put into such a wonderful event.

You shall have our full support for many years to come.

Your humble servant,

Ms. Klara S.    Catalina, Arizona


Thank you for the wonderful time provided by your ball.  My wife and I had a very nice time, and look forward to attending others in the future.
Andrew G.    Chandler, Arizona


Lord Scott

Thank you for allowing me the honor of accepting the surrender of General Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia. I hope that the participants like the aspect of real history being played out before them. I feel that we are very fortunate to have a group like yours to portray history as a means to not only educate but to bring it to life. I look forward to future events as they come along.

May God bless you and your lovely family.

General Grant;

Edward L. V., Sr.    Glendale, Arizona


Dear Captain Scott:

The 1865 was another ball to remember and a real joyous experience. Not only did we get to witness the act that largely symbolized the end to the worst conflict to tear apart our nation, we were able to celebrate the evening with dance and friendly socializing. My favorite part of the evening continues to be watching the smiles on the faces of the revelers as they spend the evening in dance, and the colors and pageantry of the festive clothing that has become an integral part of the We Make History Balls. The only sadness was that this ball marks the end of another season in the Valley. I look forward for an opportunity to attend one or both of the summer balls in the cooler climates of Northern Arizona.

I thank you and all of the other wonderful people who make these balls possible. 

I Remain,

You Humble Servant

Pvt. Mike C.    Glendale, Arizona

5th New York Infantry


Lord Scott,

    Thank you for taking the time and sending me the picture from the Ball. It is a really good picture!

We, my family and I, had a wonderful time at the ball.  I must admit the difference between the first time I went to a ball and now is night and day. The first time was with much fear and trembling, but now, as you can see in the picture, that has changed.

Thank you again for all that you do.

God bless,

Keith H.    Camp Verde, Arizona


Dear Sir,

I wanted to express my thanks to all the participants and to you especially for your consideration of me. Knowing that so many people care about you is an indescribable feeling. You are all an inspiration to me and I will try my level best to represent your ideals in all that I do.

Thank you again,
Ben L. M.    Whetstone, Arizona

P.S. This was the most enjoyable ball that I have yet attended, and the skit
was a great success (Props for the lieutenant's acting ability.)


Dear Capt. Scott,

I am not exaggerating in the least when I say the 1865 Remembrance Ball was the best I have ever attended, and it was my seventh! The dancemaster was wonderful and the dances you chose were the most fun of any I can recall doing, even at the previous CW Ball. The band was especially good, and the way the 1st Virginians kept banding together for the reels was really quite entertaining.

My mother came with Ben and I, and we also convinced several friends from Tucson to join us, which wasn't hard to do! (Included of course was a future new recruit for our little corps of nurses, Miss Banks.)

I wanted to thank you for honoring my brother as you did.

It was unexpected and blessed my Mother and I deeply. (I hope no one noticed my sentimental sniffling during those long moments the WMH people gave him an ovation. :)) And the reenactment of the surrender was touching, as well. Our Virginians are a fine lot of actors, and the Yankees are really pretty good, too. ;)

I'm still laughing about getting your shoe in the Shoe Dance, Capt.. What a funny coincidence! I'm quite glad it happened that way, because I ended up getting to dance the final set with you and the 1st Virginians as a result!

Now Mother knows why when Ben, Caitie and I come home after a WMH event, we can't stop talking about it for days after. Mother told me at one point that now she that she has been to a Ball, she knows why we couldn't stay away!

I was much excited to see you give away a copy of Sarah Morgan's fascinating diary for the drawing. I'm reading through the diary now, and it has helped my "Southern impression" immensely - more so than any other resource I've come across to date. I heartily recommend it to any young lady (or man!) wanting to get inside the "mind of the South" during the war.

Tui amicus fidelis,

Nurse Martha    Hereford, Arizona

1st Virginia Infantry


Dear Lord Scott,
I wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed the 1865 Remembrance Ball this past weekend. Familiar, smiling faces, laughter, elegant attire, true ladies and gentleman, singing, wonderfully portrayed re-enactments and beautiful dances all came together to make the evening quite a success. I am looking forward to the next We Make History event and the pleasant times that it will entail. Thank you very much for what you are doing for those who love history.
Your Servant in Christ,

Miss K. O.    Chandler, Arizona