Buccaneers, swashbucklers, pirates, privateers, freebooters ...

They all sailed "The Spanish Main" during their heyday of 1650-1725.

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From the cover of

Buccaneersí Fashion Monthly

May 1687














From the cover of

Buccaneersí Fashion Monthly

August 1687















Ahoy there!
We are all safe back in port and reflecting on the joys and amusements of our colorful Buccaneers' Ball and its cast of interesting characters.
You were a splendid crew of captains and seadogs, freebooters and swashbucklers, corsairs, pirates, buccaneers ... and the occasional innocent bystander.
The Wonderful Spencer File was without peer in regards to his splendid and fashionable crew of French female buccaneers but many of ye made fine and astonishing individual seafaring characters from the Spanish Main. We met the Flying Dutchman, Abdul Aziz el Ali The Magnificent, Jamaica Kate, Cuba Kate, "Capin" Jack Blackhat, Cap'n Jack Sparrow, the ggggggggrandson of Edward Teach, Dread Pyrate Roberts, an illiterate Portagee and a host of other interesting personalities. Perhaps the strangest was Capitaine File's first mate "One-eyed Jack" who in the midst of the Ball suddenly made an appearance as "Two-eyed Jack." It seems he had lost the eye years before in a seafight but was able to barter it back from someone who had traded for it in a Jamaican bazaar. Weird.
The music and dancing were nearly all gale and hurricane with hardly a doldrum at all. (The only one becalmed was Cap'n Blackhat after walking the plank.) Duke Bartell aka "Hurricane Mike" played 'til his fingers were smoking like slow match at a swivel gun as he and the Plankwalkers kept up a stream of lively tunes from the mizzentop. Bahama Becky's singalong celebrating that fine first navigator Noah and his crew made for a particularly enjoyable diversion. (Yaaaar me fellow captains. Ye think ye've got it rough sailin' with the mutinous dogs and landlubbers ye call a crew? Noah's crew were a bunch of real animals with nary a seaman among them.  a r r r ...)
Was this an historic Ball? Perhaps halfway. But the other half was wide open for creativity and you didn't hesitate to step out on the yardarm. Applause, much applause, a three cannon salute and yo ho ho to all for being exceptionally imaginative with your attire and personas! All of our Balls are characterized by beauty and Her Majesty's Ball each January always showcases beauty with regal creativity. This Ball was colorful creativity!

Thank you for taking a bit of an audacious theme in the spirit in which it was intended and making the most of it.

Yer humble servant,
Lord Scott as Captain Scarlett
Lord Scott,
What an exciting and exhilarating evening!  I have never had so much fun . . . and to think I was surrounded by more pirates than can be found in Pittsburgh.  I met several wonderful people who had never been to a ball before, and they swore that it will be rare for them to miss another.  The new theme was a fun change, and everyone did their best to get into the spirit.  What a treat to be away from the intense desert heat.  I am very glad that I came.
While I did not take home any booty from the drawing, it was treasure enough to spend an enchanting evening with a number of infamous pirates (all on their best behavior), daring privateers and swashbucklers, as well as plenty of beautiful wenches and fair maidens to bring life to the dance floor.  I only noted one unfortunate soul who was forced to walk the plank.
I hope you and your family had a safe journey home.  I had spent so much time on the dance floor, I no longer had my sea-legs upon arrival home.  It may take me a few days to recover from the evening.
You will have to make this an annual event!
I remain,
Your plundering Friend
Abdul Aziz el Ali The Magnificent


Lord Scott,

Thank you for a memorable evening. Have I never met such a group of gentle lads and ladies that were not plundering the village and pillaging for a few shilling from the rich folk amongst them. After a few nights of rest for my weary boots and two barrels of cider I must sail again on my gunship bound for glory with a young and wild crew.  So I set the jib and unfurl the main.  As the breakwater turns to open sea and the siren sings in the bow spray I hold you close in my prayers and swear I'll return someday.

Black Sheryl


Lord Scott,
After attending the recent gathering of the plunderers of the high seas, I must say that I have not have so much fun since I mastered the three dangers of the "Fire Swamp". Although I do think I may have seen an "R.O.U.S." (rodent of unusual size) off in the corner. I was glad to meet several of my fellow seafarers, such as Capt. Jack Sparrow, BlackBeard, and those two imposters Anne Bonny and Mary Read. You should definitely never turn your back on those two, as they are quick with the pick pocket and even quicker with the sword.
Thank you for a wonderful evening of jigs and other dances. I did especially enjoy the sing off with the wenches and fair maidens. Needless to say that after collecting my share of the booty and recruiting the next captain of the "Revenge", I have retired to the dusty beaches of Maricopa to enjoy my wealth and live happily ever after with my one true love.
As You Wish,
The Dread Pirate Roberts


Cap'n Scarlett,
Me gud shipmate Maurice (a.k.a. Tiyrah Perkins) and meself had a wunderful time ransacking an' pillaging.... errr....dancing at the Ball. Rest assured we was mightily impressed by the music and especially by the number a' young folk what put on the most unique personalities during the dancing (and otherwise).
One particular scallywag, the Dread Pyrat Roberts, that is, oughta' be thrown in the hold under lock an' key, of course, but the rest a'the lads were mighty finely behaved. Some a'the time. Why, thar was even one fine lad what was goin' t'share his fortune with me, jest as soon as his rich relative expired, that was. A more generous lot o'folk ain't to be found in this state, leastwise. Not that they always knowed they were being so generous, that is...........
Yours most endearingly,
Captain Anne Bonny
(a.k.a. Miss Martha)
P.S. The only thing I really stole at this Ball was a good time. Thanks, Cap'n and Missus for all you do! :o)

Your emails were inspiring... and the pirate movies, of course. :-D ~


Captain Scarlett,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful evening hosted in our native Prescott. It was grand to see pirates of all shapes and sizes wash into our port. Alas, I must say Iíve given up the sea now, and will be free to mingle with our usual gathering of aristocratic folk. However, if you ever decide to host another ball of this here sort, Iím sure that my bandana can make a re-appearance. Thank you, and Mrs. Ruby, for all the work you put into this wonderfully creative evening. Iím sure that none of our crew will forget it.

         Yours Sincerely,

                 The Pirate Formerly Known As Cuba Kate

                             And also

                   Miss Katie Earl




Les Pirates FranÁaises


















Cap'n Blackhat is forced to walk the plank.


































The music playing is "Maid of Amsterdam," a favorite of sailors since it was written in London in 1608.

































































A Rascal, a Rake & a Rogue?


















Capitaine File gets Shanghaied by Hook!

















From the cover of


Buccaneersí Quarterly

Summer 1687















From the cover of

Vogue for Rogues

June 1687