Her Royall Majestie's Grand Ball was an enjoyment of the splendour and opulence of the Baroque, Rococo and Georgian periods of the 17th & 18th centuries. The distinctive fashions of the 1600s & 1700s were particularly encouraged but we also welcomed our friends from the Elizabethan and Regency eras, and those in modern evening attire as well for this evening of elegance which took place on January 15th, 2005 in Phoenix, Arizona.


















































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Gracious Regards from Her Majestie's Guests


Dear Lord and Lady Scott: 
    Thank you for a most pleasant evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the dancing. The only thing I must tell you is that I truly had a fright when the two young gentlemen began harshly speaking with each other and then when the white leather glove was thrown on the floor, my heart and mind began spinning with thoughts of leaving the premises! Not knowing before hand that a staged sword fight was planned, I definitely started to make haste.  I am glad to know there was not a real argument. Stay well and may prosperity be yours.


Kathleen F.    Phoenix, Arizona


Dear Lord Scott,

Yet another successful Ball! Just as expected, I enjoyed the wonderful, historical opportunity and environment you had created and given to all the attendees. I am very satisfied! As part of my history assignment, I would like to include an entire page that is dedicated to "Lord Scott."  

Miss Jennifer P.    Phoenix, Arizona


My Dear Sir,

My husband and I would like to commend you on a wonderful ball.  As you mentioned that evening, it was attended by the few and the elite, making it a vastly pleasant and intimate occasion.  One thing of the evening did cause some distress. When we were fortunate enough to be in the set with you and her Majesty for "Stripping the Willow" my husband was concerned that some form of treason might be involved with "stealing" Her Majesty from you. I feared that our excellent dueling gentleman might be called into service once again, but this times as seconds for you!

I was also greatly honored to dance with you personally. It was most pleasant conversation and you are a most excellent dancer.

Thank you again for a most wonderful ball!

Yours & C.

Mrs. Durda    Mesa, Arizona


Lord Scott,

Her Royall Majestie's Ball was yet another evening brimming with the richness of our history. The historical period reflected by the ball was certainly magnificent, and such was reflected in the splendor of the occasion.

There are few ambitions greater than striving to preserve an entire nation's history for modern generations to experience.  I congratulate you for holding this ambition, as it's execution will continue to bring great rewards.

I look forward to continued involvement in your quest to bring history to life. I will next be attending the Civil War Ball.

Though the occasion may be far away, I look forward to attending the first Ball to be held in the Grand Ballroom to be eventually constructed. I offer my continued support in this endeavour.

To the continued preservation of American history, 

Joey N.    Scottsdale, Arizona


Dear Lord and Lady Scott,

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful ball. My friends and I had the most wonderful time; most of us come from a small private Christian high school which doesn't offer dances, so what you do is very appreciated by us. We will try to make as many of your engagements as possible.

Your humble servant,

The Wonderful Spencer F.    Prescott, Arizona

P.S. I'm an actor as well as most of my friends so, have you any use for myself, just ask.


Lord Scott:

My compliments to Her Royal Majesty for hosting a most splendid Ball! What an evening. It is sad that the time passes so quickly when one is having an exceptional time. I can only surmise that everyone had an exquisite time, with the possible exception of the young gentleman who was the victim of  the duel.  It is hoped that future disagreements can be handled in a more gentlemanly manner, so the ladies do not have to witness the unfortunate result of sword-play. I was pleased with the handsome and genteel guests from Chaparral High School and the group from Prescott. I do hope they favor us with their presence in the future. We may have to hold a ball in Prescott during the summer months to return the favor. Thank you for all of your efforts in making these historic Balls a reality. This has most definitely become the favorite part of reenacting for me. I pray for success in making your plans for a grand historic ballroom become a reality.

Mike C.
Glendale, Arizona

PS  I would be remiss to not personally wish Miss Emily a Happy Birthday.  What a way to celebrate a birthday for a young lady.  She is indeed a fortunate young lass.  May she have many, many more.


SHALOM Lord Scott!

This is Jessica M., and I was not lying when I promised I would send you an email....a Jewish one at that! So....in order to keep my promise....here it is! Thanks so much for the evening, it was very much enjoyed. 

Lady Jessica    Phoenix, Arizona