Our annual Highland Ball Weekend was held August 13th & 14th in Flagstaff and was indeed a very special time.

What with gallant lads in tartans clad and bonnie lasses with skirts a'swirling the Ball was a lively one indeed with enough jigs and reels to make a fine march from Edinburgh to London!

Add an abundance of social time with the best company one could ask for and an historic picnic in a beautiful green and misty setting and you have a recipe for many, many fine memories.


Enjoy these notes from a few of our fine Highland friends.


Bonnie Prince Charlie:  I once again had a delightful time during the coming together of the clans in Flagstaff for the 2005 Highland Ball.  The music, dancing, and your loyal subjects were delightful, making the evening pass by all too quickly.  Even the weather cooperated and gave it the feel of Scotland.  I learned that the Scottish women are very charming and are energetic dancers.  They also appear to enjoy a longer hemline than the Scottish men.  You can count on me the next time you organize a march onto London.  I will be honored to join your army to place you on the throne where you rightfully belong.  There will not be a repeat of Culloden!

I sure had a grand time at the ball and regret having to miss the picnic on Sunday.  You are correct in that THE primary feature that makes the balls so enjoyable are the people who attend.  They give me a hope for our future as a society.

Thank you for all that you do to bring history to life, and for organizing outstanding balls.

I Remain,

Your Loyal Subject

Michael J. C.    Clan Glendale


Lord Scott,

Thank you once again for a wonderful weekend of fun. First let me say the clothing worn at the ball definitely showcases the talent and beauty of the We Make History family. Very rarely does one see so many beautiful people dressed in such a gorgeous array of colors and styles.  Secondly the dancing was some of the most lively I have seen and experienced, what with all the jigs and new dances introduced, I scarcely had time to rest. Thank you also for showcasing some of the tremendous talents and contributions of Miss Kaitlyn O.  and Mr. Pete E. as they are a blessing to all.

The fellowship back at the hotel lobby was also something special and a treat to remember. Once again, as we have discussed, there definitely is a higher purpose working in the lives of those involved by bringing people together in times of need. Praise God for His wisdom.

And lastly the gathering at Foxglenn Park made for a day to remember. A fine showing of attendees in highland garb made for quite a spectacle. Making use of a ramada made the rain barely noticeable. Thanks go out to the hospitality of the highlanders of Flagstaff for sharing the Haggis and other goodies. Playing football in a kilt will go down as a most memorable experience.

Thanks again for filling our memory cup to overflowing. We may have returned to the lowlands of Maricopa, but are dreaming of the highlands of Flagstaff.

Your Friend,

Joel P.    Clan Maricopa


Dear Lord Scott,

It was a pleasure joining you at the Highland Ball last weekend, as well as at the picnic on the following day. Both events were - as usual - most enjoyable, and one of the highlights of my month. I must say I found it ironic that we ended up playing football a the 'historic' picnic, until I recalled that the sport had roots far earlier than the 1700's.

I am praying for We Make History, as well as you and your family - keep following the Lord's lead, and we will continue to see more incredible things in the future.

Your friend in Christ,

Mathew E.    Clan Prescott 


 Dear Lord Scott,

 I enjoyed the Ball very much! The Picnic was great.

 Your friend,

Miss Caitlin    Clan Hereford


Dear Bonnie Prince and clan,

The Highland Ball weekend was quite an adventure for my sister, friends, and I! We all came away as happily tired and full of pleasant memories as could possibly be. Once again, the social time in the hotel lobby after the ball was almost as fine as the dancing itself. It's a lovely tradition and I hope it may continue.

The Picnic was delightful! I especially liked the stormy weather, I admit, because it seemed like Scotland. And dancing the Virginia Reel under an open sky, to the sound of a skilled fiddler's bow, was delightful! I also especially liked captaining a certain pirate vessel with your two elder daughters as my second-in-commands...  ;)

Thank you for singing the Birthday song to we blushing ladies. It was an unexpected honor!


Your loyal friend,

Miss Martha    Clan Hereford


Bonnie Prince Charlie,
I had such a wonderful time at the Highland Ball. It is a rare and prized priviledge for me to dress up and participate in these historical events. I commend you for your efforts and dedication to preserving history in Arizona. I hope to attend many more events!

Miss Sarah N.    Clan Tucson


Dear Lord Scott,

No words can describe the time I had over this weekend! My heart and spirits were high the whole time and my energy was sustained. Many acquaintances were made and possibly new friends. Thank you for the opportunity to experience such wholesome times and company something greatly missed in our society.

Thanks to you this summer turned out to be quite thrilling and exhausting. ;-)


Miss Tiyrah P.    Clan Maricopa


Dear Bonnie Prince and Miss McDonald,

The Cook Clan had a lovely time this weekend and we are excited about the friendships we established as well.  We look forward to doing more with you and the others in the future.

Everyone in the family is still talking about the weekend!

The Cooks    Clan Flagstaff


Dear Lord and Lady Scott,

I would like to thank you for hosting yet another wonderful ball.
The location was wonderful and the music beautiful along with the dances. I know myself along with the people I was with had a wonderful time. We are already making plans for the next ball. Thank you again and hope to see you soon for the Pride and Prejudice Ball.

   Danielle M.    Clan Prescott


Huzzah for more pictures, and good ones, too!! The Highland Ball was quite possibly the liveliest I have yet attended. It seems the number of participants dressing historically and practicing their proper ballroom etiquette multiplies exponentially at each succeeding event!

Yours most loyally,

The Duchess of Hereford ;)


Thank you ever so much for all the work that you put into this last ball. It was truly a wonderful night (even if I was a wee bit sore from all the jigs!)
God bless,
Miss Katie E.      Clan Prescott





















































Clan Wickenburg



































Clan Flagstaff


























































Thank you for your support of Heritage, The Arts & Higher Culture.

















































Two Airborne in the Jig!

(The Royal Scottish Air Force?)







Your Host & Hostess

Bonnie Prince Charlie & Flora MacDonald


Ladies demonstrate the fearsome Highland Charge


The Prince over the Water shall Return again one Day, donning a White Rose on his Hat as Before!






















Clan Mesa


Our Band - "Bonnie Prince Charlie's Angels"







The Duchess of Hereford & Clan Maricopa



















































A Lad of Seeming Good Fortune


Clan Prescott

Dancing the Reel at the Picnic