George Washington is the man!

Serving unselfishly without pay and at great personal risk throughout the American Revolution, Washington triumphed against all odds overcoming the most powerful nation on earth. After victory was won there were those who wanted to make him king but Washington refused what would have been a betrayal of the great vision which so many had sacrificed for and opted instead to return home to Mt. Vernon. The only president to be elected unanimously, Washington served two terms and then voluntarily stepped down. His continued refusal to betray his convictions and grasp absolute power inspired even his former enemy King George III to be filled with admiration and refer to Washington as "the greatest man of the age."

In his private life he was known as a gentleman of lofty character who thoroughly enjoyed social occasions. Washington loved to dance. He was regarded as one of the best dancers in Virginia and would not miss a Ball if he could help it. Washington attended balls while commanding the Continental Army, a ball was held for his inauguration as president and often balls were held in honor of his birthday such as the one thrown for him in 1782 by his ally the French general Le Comte de Rochambeau just a few months subsequent to their joint victory at Yorktown.

The friendly family of We Make History (representing Americans of many time periods) proudly joined George & Martha in celebrating the 273rd birthday of this beloved American through the enjoyment of one of his favorite pastimes.

What you see here are a few photos from the event including individuals, couples, groups and dance sets as well as some of our guests posing with the General.




































































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Comments from General Washington's Friends

Dear Lord Scott,

       I first attended one of your balls in 2003.  It was the Pride and Prejudice ball and I was attired in a late 1800s black suit.  I had no experience in historical period dancing.  I was not familiar with much of the ins and outs of proper social dance etiquette.  And I was also slightly intimidated by your refined, proper, and historic manner.  But none of this affected me negatively or deterred me from coming to your balls (I just attended my 8th!).  Rather, it has sparked inside me a deeper value and greater appreciation for the type of finer things our ancestors enjoyed.  Our heritage, our values, and our beliefs as Americans, are desperately in need of preservation.  Your efforts are invaluable.  Thank you for your vision and tireless work to promote and protect these finer things.

Sincerely, your friend,

John A.
Scottsdale, Arizona


My Dear Sir,

It has been full a year since we began attending your wonderful events, and I have to say, it has added such class and distinction to our lives. Your balls are certainly our favorite entertainment.  This ball we met quite a few new and wonderful people, and reconnected with those we had met previously. 

General, it is quite good of you to host your own birthday party, solely for the elevating of the spirits of your troops. The event of your birthday
and reflections on your life lead my husband to such feelings of patriotism that he began casting about for a place to enlist, hopeful to be assigned to your regiment. Alas for him, (and for your regiment) no enlistment officer was to be found. Perhaps you may consider having one about, as Iím sure your presence often induces people to such feelings. A few more balls and your army would swell to such a number that even if all the sons of England invaded, they would still be repelled.

We look forward, as always, to the next ball and another chance to mingle in such great society!

Yourís & C.

Mrs. D.    Mesa, Arizona


Dear Lord Scott,

I had a wonderful time at the ball Saturday evening, but this one will stand out in my memory of the many events. Your words regarding Mr. MacIntyre and myself were most kind. The honor was particularly
appreciated as my mother was in attendance and I am always glad to let them know their work as parents has not gone unrewarded. The dances too, were among my favorites.

Lately, these events have changed a habit which has always been a sore matter to myself - that of forgetting individuals names. I have realized that despite my exceptional memory, for some time I have
(interestingly) only remembered those of great importance. But lately I have come to realize that as children of the King, we are all of the greatest importance. Not surprisingly, this realization has all but
eliminated my seeming forgetfulness.

Because of this, the balls have become even more looked forward to than before, as I have become better acquainted with many members of the incredible We Make History family. What an amazingly diverse and
talented group! We have actors, musicians, teachers, photographers, writers, and I have yet to know half those in attendance.

I apologize that my mother and sister's presence required that I leave somewhat earlier than usual. As Mr. Washington said, and you so candidly echoed, "One must be willing to please the ladies."
Thank you so much for all the work you put into We Make History. Though it, I have been greatly impacted for the better. With Christ working through you, you working through We Make History, and We Make History working through it's members, who knows where the results will end, but the world will be a better place for of it. We should always remember to keep this our focus.

I already find myself looking forward to seeing you, your family, and the rest of the We Make History clan at the next event.

In Christ,

Mathew E.    Prescott, Arizona


Dear Lord and Lady Scott

We wish to extend our compliments to you for providing such a splendid evening and for what has become an event in which our entire family thoroughly enjoys taking part as often as our schedules permit.  We are most appreciative to you both.  It is quite obvious that holding these exquisite balls fills an important niche in many lives.   

To the continued success of your endeavors!

The M. Family    Scottsdale, Arizona

PS: Separately, we wish to thank you for acknowledging the two young men at the ball (including Scott) it was quite a surprise to my husband and I and we were indeed blessed. 

God Bless you!


Dear Lord and Lady Scott,    

I would like to thankyou again for the wonderful time my friends and I had at the ball for Washington's birthday. I would also like to thank you for honoring Kaitlyn O. for her birthday. As for myself I am looking forward to the Highland ball. Thank you again.


Danielle E.    Prescott, Arizona


Dear Washingtons,

Caitlin and I had the time of our lives at the Ball last Saturday, enjoying the conversation with friends almost as much as the dancing! It seemed this Ball progressed at a more relaxed rate than those previous, for which my feet were grateful! I even had time to eat a cookie. :o)

I will never forget the Old Dan Tucker dance - it was absolutely hilarious, and Caitie and I were still talking about it when we drove home the next night.

Looking forward to more,

your friend,

Miss Martha    Hereford, Arizona


Your Excellency -

What a splendid way to celebrate your birthday, and it was done in fine fashion.  Your countrymen were quite excited and pleased to see you again and were anxious to share in the romantic joy of Valentines' Day.  How fortunate we are that you are so fond of dancing.  How fortunate we are to have you as one of our most noble founding fathers.

I was quite impressed with the two young men that you introduced at the ball.  That was a very nice thing to do.  I have a strong suspicion that there are several others amongst your guests who are exceptionally talented and accomplished and who may be worthy of special acclaim.  I hope this practice continues, and I would love to see one of the talented musicians perform at a future ball.

I Remain,
Your Most Obedient and Loyal Servant

Michael J. C.    Glendale, Arizona


Genl. Washington:

 I had a most excellent time meeting new people and enjoying the beautiful Arizona evening. Thank you for giving me the chance to serve you and also for providing me with such a wonderful event. I am yours humbly,

Peter E.    Phoenix, Arizona


Our elder statesman hearts were so warmed by interacting with student attendees of the 2005 Washington Ball. Cross-generational fun is so wonderful. Looking into youthful eyes at each partner change was like a shot of energy. We stepped lightly and brightly all evening.

Thankfully yours,

Dave and Sandy B.    Mesa, Arizona


Dear Lord and Lady Scott,

I would also like to thank you for the magnificent time I had at the 2005 George Washington Ball. My friends and I had a great time. The whole evening was fun from the beginning to end. I will be looking forward to seeing you at the next ball. Thank you so much!

God Bless,

Chelsey W.    Prescott, Arizona