Come out in winter's depths ... for our annual Ball

Which is year upon year ... the most elegant of all!

Each January "Her Majesty's Ball" provides opportunity for the family of We Make History to shew forth our best manners and best representations of the fashion and formality of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Our most elegant Ball of the year, Her Majesty's Ball has a loyal and devoted annual following among the local aristocracy and also attracts distinguished guests from afar.







































We Make History

Her Majesty's Ball of 2005

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From the Lords & Ladies of the Realm

Her Majesty's Loyal Subjects


Dear Lord Scott,

What a charming gathering of gentlefolk!  I believe the finest people on the Isles were gathered at Her Majesty's Ball that night.

I must share my favourite memory of the evening:

I was tripping through a ring dance where the ladies had to hop, skip, fly or plunge headlong twelve steps down the line (we usually ended up using a combination of said maneuvers....) when at one point, I found myself entirely without a partner and surrounded by ten feet of blank air on each side. (Didn't know the black masque was quite that frightening. ;)) But, lo and behold, a gentleman, likewise partnerless, across the ring!! So off flies the Duchess right through the middle of the ring of dancers and arrives, a little breathless, beside the gentleman. And he, a little taken aback by this "frontal assault" by a masqued lady of unknown personage, steps forward, gives the Duchess a sweeping bow and says with all the graciousness he can conjure up in 3/10's of a second, "My lady...!"

Priceless WMH moment.

A most happy returns of the day to the lovely Miss Emily, and of course to all the ladies of the House!

Your most devoted friend,

The Duchess of Hereford

aka, The Mystery Woman


Greetings from Tucson!

Her Majesty's Royal Court Ball has left me with memories that will last forever.  I have never encountered a group of people so friendly, so welcoming and so enthusiastic about re-creating a beautiful and joyous experience from the past.  I must admit I had butterflies when I attended, but they quickly subsided, and my hat is off to you and Her Majesty for creating this environment where everyone can learn and enjoy the past.  Thank you so much!

I had to sit one dance out after an especially vigorous set left me breathless and in need of a cool-down.  And even then, several fine ladies graciously lent me their fans -- absolutely amazing.

I don't have to tell you I look forward to next month's ball!

Your friend in History,
Christopher F.    Tucson, Arizona


My dear Lord and Lady Scott,
    Another ball has once again quickly come and gone, and I'm reminded how blessed I am to be a part of the We Make History family. Thank you both for all that you do. You've been such a blessing in all of our lives. I eagerly await our next meeting.
                God bless you all,
                         Yours Sincerely,
                               Miss Katie E.    Prescott, Arizona


Dear Lord and Lady Scott,

Once again we had a wonderful time at this grand event!!  It is truly a blessing to spend time with the class of people that the We Make History events bring.  Thanks to you and Her Majesty for being such gracious hosts.

Greg G.    Prescott Valley, Arizona


Lord Scott,
Thank you for hosting her Majesty's ball 2006.  We found it a wonderful way to spend an evening. The elegant ball dancing, splendid attire, royal
company and celebration of history will leave us all with fond memories. We look forward to attending many more.
Very truly yours,
Dr. and Mrs. H.
Paradise Valley, Arizona


Lord Scott - Another memorable evening.  What a wonderful way to celebrate your 10th birthday!   It was quite evident that Miss Emily and her friends enjoyed themselves immensely. 

May God bless you all.

I Remain,

Your Humble Servant,

Michael J. C.    Glendale, Arizona


Dear Lord Scott,

    Thank you so much for hosting and preparing the wonderful ball this 14th.  We all greatly enjoyed it as we have enjoyed all the other balls and activities that we have attended.  Victoria loved her first ball, and she can't wait till she is old enough to come to them regularly.   Thank you again for all the hard work and preparation you put into these balls.  They are a blessing to us all.


                  Stephanie, Natalie, Jonathan, and Victoria    Gilbert, Arizona


Dear Lord and Lady,

   Thank you again and again for such an an evening of delight and joy. I came just hoping to have a good time, instead God blessed the evening and I had a great time! I am so glad that you have good hearts and over abundance of joy. The ball was so full-filling and beautiful. Thank you again for a glorious night.

   God bless you both. May God give you good health and plenty of rest.


                                                                    Miss Tiyrah P.


Dear Lord Scott,

I am just writing to express my gratitude and the delight I experienced at your most recent dance.

(I have included a picture of myself and my lovely companions - We all had a marvelous time!) Thank you for hosting a most wonderful ball!


Meredith P.    Scottsdale, Arizona


Lord and Lady Scott,

If it please your majesty, In consideration of this most recent occasion representing our first attendance toward one of your majesty's gala affairs, we were delighted to partake of such a gloriously ostentatious evening. We shall impatiently await the next opportunity with baited breath!

Yours truly,

Sir Mark on behalf of my entire dynasty (Lady Anne, Miss Nichole Ann, and Miss Andrea Marie).


Lord Scott,

I daresay your lordship, I envy you sir in your post as personal secretary to our most gracious majesty. A splendid evening indeed, warm hearts and smiles abound to hold back the winters chill. This grand and elegant evening was a jolly good way to get this year off to a fine start. My daughter was quite honored to be a guest of Princess Emily and I hope she enjoys her gift from the colonies. Bye the bye, many happy returns to the young princess.

God Save the Queen!

I remain your most humble and loyal servant

Alexander Spotswood

Lt. Governor  

Colony of Virginia

aka "The Major"

Fountain Hills, Arizona


Dear Lord Scott,

       Her Majesty's Ball was a most pleasurable and salutary time.  Your guests were dressed splendidly and possessed the finest manners of civility and gaiety.  You are right, this ball is by far one of my favorites with its intimate, warm, and favourable array of attendees.

       I remarked to you at the end of the ball of one instance where I was dancing in a long set filled with friends, acquaintances, and strangers when, as I was dancing, thought in my mind, that there was not a finer group I could be more blessed to be dancing with at that moment.  Thank you for your hard work.

I am very sincerely,
Your servant,

Lord Goring

Scottsdale, Arizona