We Make History's

Annual Highland Weekend

August 18th &19th, 2007

Flagstaff, Arizona

The Highland Ball - Fine Dancing

The Highland Picnic - Good Fellowship

The Highland Bowl - Football in Kilts

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By Highland Courier

Dreaming of the Highlands...

Dear friends,

One hardly knows how to begin to express the love and joy which were so much a part of the 2007 Highland Weekend.
How blessed we are!
How grateful for the opportunity to spend time with an "all star" cast of the We Make History family, enjoying your smiles, enjoying the Highlands, enjoying the dancing, enjoying the beauty of God's creation, enjoying one another.
Oh yes. Many!
But only memories?
No, much more.
Let us carry forward the experience we have been blessed with - discarding all that is unworthy of our time, thoughts, attention and energy - let us focus, let us learn the lesson to prioritize what really matters, what really makes life worthwhile - family, friends, loving, blessing, serving and gratefully enjoying every drop of joy that God is providing. This is "real life"!
At our prayer gathering Sunday morning at the hotel a gentleman who is new to the We Make History family remarked that he had been observing us all and that in that observing he noticed one of the rarest of character traits - humility. Perhaps what he noticed is our sincere and warm desire to bless one another.
Just thinking about the last several days brings many emotions.
What a time we had.
Was there ever such a Ball?
How my brave Highland lads stepped up and eagerly embraced their responsibilities as gentlemen. I felt so proud of them.
And the ladies? Has any Highland meadow or landscape ever boasted such an array of natural beauty? Such beauty is matched, nay enhanced, by the high quality of character which shines through. A superb and admirable combination indeed.
The picnic following was a day of fellowship, shared experience and strengthened friendships through conversation and croquet, football and feasting.
Is it any wonder that none of us wanted it to end - that all arose back home in their own beds afterwards, then closed their eyes again for a moment and dreamed they were still in the Highlands?
How blessed we are.
How grateful.
Your servant,
Lord Scott
Bonnie Prince Charlie


Dear Bonnie Prince Charlie,

I am writing to thank you for the sweet memories from the 2007 Highland Ball that have lifted me up throughout the week.  The lively music, beautiful costumes, and infectious smiles of all who participated were uniquely special and a time I will treasure for some time to come.  As a mother of four young women who aspire to be the next Martha Washington or Elisabeth Elliot we are clearly counter-culture and hopelessly out-of-style.  However, your We Make History enterprise has introduced me to so many families, young men and women alike, who also have passionate aspirations to serve God, family, country, and the world through acts of service, gracious living, and honor. I cannot express how much hope and excitement I receive each time I meet more people who seek to take the high road and long for more entertainment that feeds the soul.  Thank you again for making this possible!

We look forward to more smiles and fellowship at the upcoming balls.

Sincerely yours,

Diane F. of  Clan Flagstaff


Dear Bonnie Prince Charlie,

It was with great joy that my family and I attended the Highland Ball last Saturday.  Our only disappointment is that there is not another Ball this weekend!  We danced, we enjoyed the pageantry, we loved the company and filled the weekend with true recreation.  One must attend a Ball such as this to appreciate the civility and courtesy of the occasion.

As for my cherished memories, I personally was exhilarated during the 'Highland Charge' dance and was amused during the 'Bonnet' dance.  I would also like to add that the "pleats and cleats" or "Highland Bowl" the next day was fun to watch as everyone played with such gusto.

We look forward to next year's Ball and will personally invite more of our friends to join us.

Best Regards,
Greg B.
Clan Flagstaff


Dearest Bonnie Prince and Flora MacDonald,


The Highland Weekend is one of my favorite times of the year, without question.  I think I speak for many when I say parting the Highlands of Flagstaff was laced with a wee bit of sadness.

After Saturday's ball, a happy couple and I mused about the wonderful, almost indescribable feeling that places We Make History events in a league of their own.  But somehow, I attributed it to four principles: honor, respect, joy, and love -- all of those coming together in a diamond, if you will -- a diamond in the rough.  As you pointed out, we are countercultural in so many ways.  So when we gather together in this fellowship, it seems almost unbelievable that something so against the grain of the world we live in should make us so happy.

The day before, a colleague of mine noticed my excitement for the upcoming ball:  "You have a love interest, don't you?  You're blushing!"

I thought about it.  "Yes, I do," I said.  But what I didn't tell her was that it's a love interest broader than she thinks.

Thank you and God Bless All Of You... this Love has rescued me.

In Christ,
Your Friend And Humble Servant,
And Blessed To Be So,
Christopher F.

Clan Tucson


Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora MacDonald:

The photos from the Highland Ball could not possibly fully capture the true beauty of the event and the delightful people who made it an amazing evening of endless memories.  Many of your guests did their best to outdo themselves in finery and comportment. 

If only the women were with us at Culloden, the Duke of Cumberland would have been chased all the way back to London!  You could see the ferocity in their eyes!!

The collection of images I managed to capture depicted only a wee bit of the splendor from the evening.  Thank you for giving us all this opportunity to gather in friendship and camaraderie.  I am so looking forward to the next We Make History event. 

I Remain,

Your Friend and Humble Servant,

Mike C.

Clan Glendale


Lord Scott,

Wow, what an amazing time I had at the Highland ball.  Thank you once again for all of the hard work you and your family put into making these balls possible.  It was exciting to watch the clans arrive to the scene and then form ranks on the steps of ole' Ashurst Hall.  All of the dancing was most enjoyable.  From the waltz to the jig, from the reels to “speeding the plow”, the night was full of excitement.  I loved the addition of high-fiving other members of the clans as they passed by with their right hand stars.  
And once the dance was over, the celebration continued at the clans' camp.  Though the celebration had to be kept down so as not to wake the enemy, the joy and merriment of the night's activities could be seen in each person's face.  Thank you for giving us something to be joyful about.

God Bless,
Josh S.

Clan Prescott


Dear Lord & Lady Scott,

We were looking at the pictures from the Highland Weekend and having so much pleasure in reminiscing over our time together. Yes, we do agree with you. What a wonderful weekend. We are blessed to have been part of it. We thank The Lord for such a lovely time. You are a great blessing to us. Thank you for all your work to make this happen.

These memorable experiences linger in our minds and hearts. They create memories for a lifetime. The Lord is good. His love endures forever.

It's hard to tell which is the nicest Ball or the one we love most. They seem to be improving all the time. Yet we are inclined to believe the Highland Weekend is the best. Maybe this is because it's more than just the Ball – an entire weekend together.

We appreciated every moment of the weekend. What an opportunity to fellowship in a relaxed way in beautiful surroundings! As you know we love Flagstaff. You couldn't have picked a better place in August, in Arizona. The weather was so pleasant.

The Ball is still the "talk of our town", from the music to the different dances and steps, we surely have gone over it!  The  prayer gathering Sunday morning was such a blessing. It's uplifting to hear testimonies of the goodness of God.  The picnic was an enjoyable time spent with good fellowship. The football game left many aches and pains, yet the males don't mind, for the fun. The time spent in fellowship at the pool and the next morning with your family was a nice opportunity to get to know each other.

This surely is the highlight of our year. It was hard to leave. Why does good time pass by too quickly!

We appreciate you and your family for all that you do. You are a blessing. May The Lord greatly reward you for the blessing you are.

Sincerely yours,

Aidan, Yolanda, Jessica and Stephen

Clan Phoenix


I had a most wonderful time at the ball! Everyone was in high spirits and had their best manners displayed. The gentlemen were quite a sight as they charged for the shoes, but it is my belief that the ladies did a finer job and are ready to take on London any day. Prince Charlie's Angels did a superb job of keeping our feet dancing and bringing a spirit of gaiety to all present.

I was very glad that I could attend both the ball and the picnic before I left for college as I had a wonderful time socializing with many other well mannered ladies and gentlemen. I wish you and your families success in the future and encourage all to keep on dancing.

Mary, Queen of Scots
(aka Linnea)


Bonnie Prince Charlie – After a frustrating and unpleasant day at work it most certainly helps to have these memories to lift one’s spirit as well as the thought that there will be another Ball in the near future.  Why did it have to end so quickly?

May God Bless you and your family for the joy you bring into our lives.

I Remain,

Your Friend and Obedient Servant



Lord Scott,

     I think my favorite moment of all was relaxing around the pool with you and other families Sunday evening.  Our discussion was one that attracted people to each other, that built up and encouraged...it was such a breath of fresh air!  I just did not want to leave.

     I would gladly sew a hundred garments for another weekend like that one!


Clan Flagstaff


The Highland Ball was a real treat, and thank you for honoring our young men entering the military.

Mark S.

Clan Humboldt


Lord Scott,

It was my pleasure to attend such a fine gathering of noble lads and lassies from all over the area. I am headed off to Brigham Young University in Provo, UT for the next few years. I hope to attend more balls however during my various school breaks, so this is not goodbye to We Make History yet. :)



Thank you for providing such an engaging setting to make history come alive to us.

In a night’s time, you not only make us fall in love with the era but touch our hearts with elegance & grace that we could otherwise not have known in such a charming fashion.

You have succeeded in fanning the flames of a love of history in us all.

This week since the Highland ball, we have been engrossed in the movie, Kidnapped (based off of RLS's book), and are reading aloud the book, Wulf the Saxon. We have researched Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite rebellion. We understand. If schools taught history in this manner the kids would not only be enthralled with history, they would be standing in line to want to learn it.

Yours truly,

The Olson Family, Phoenix, AZ



The lads and lasses of We Make History gather together in celebration of Highland victories. Why? Because they clan!

Adapted from the Gaelic diaries of Christopher the Jacobite
Pictorial Assistance by Michael C.

(Click any photo for a closer view!)


Bonnie Prince Charley lands in Scotland, albeit with few men and no munitions. Yet still he rallies the clans to his side. They appear one by one on a warm August evening: Clan Maricopa, Clan Prescott, Clan Tucson, Clan Phoenix, Clan Flagstaff. Some Korean missionaries offer their alliance and friendship in return for a few photographic mementos and a pledge of protection against Japan.

The lads display their swords with great eagerness, some already armoured in readiness of a lengthy series of skirmishes, whatever it takes to return the House of Stuart to the throne. A plethora of lasses accompany them, steadfast and beautiful, knowing full well every able body will be needed to secure a British defeat.

Developments tilt heavily in their favour. Word arrives from Prestonpans of a quick and decisive victory, one secured in a matter of minutes as the bloody redcoats retreat, running from the battlefield. Aye, Edinburgh is ours. London is next. Victory is near! Tonight we celebrate the imminent success.

After an opening march, the Bonnie Prince addresses the excited ensemble with a few reminders of courtesy.

"Every lad is expected to dance with as many ladies as possible!" he commands with regal authority. "Any lad who cannot live up to this is not fit to march on London!"

And, he adds, every lad is expected to know how to bow. He calls upon a noted commander of his forces, a battle-tested leader with a reputation for fine dancing in addition to hard drilling. Yet standing before the prince in his dark blue embroidered jacket and fine tartan, he is mysteriously unable to demonstrate the required honours.

What be this?

An eager highlander is already jumping at the opportunity. He stands among the gathered in his bright red Royal Stuart tartan and blue Jacobite bonnet with a Cameron Clan pin on his wrap, a tribute to his mum's ancestry.

"Mr. Francis!" the Bonnie Prince observes, directing the attention of the hall to the volunteer. The eyes of every lad and lass, some 80 or more, now fall on him. Mary Queen of Scots, Robert The Bruce, and William Wallace await the demonstration. With as much grace as he can muster, the highlander falls back on one leg, spreading his arms apart as he lowers his head, offering a courtly bow.

"Aye! And can ye show us another way?"

Another way? the highlander muses. That is the way for him, the way he learned it from a dancing master in Williamsburg during his many travels. Maybe I just put my leg out and bow over it without falling back... He does so knowing full well it does not look much different, yet it is satisfactory for the Bonnie Prince, who offers a third, simpler way. The dancing commences.

Lads seek lasses for a circle mixer. The anxious Jacobite falls back on his reliable, proven method of securing a dancing companion, seeking out a lonesome pair of eyes or the beckoning smile from a lady standing just outside the center of activity. But he finds none as he wanders about the floor, or others have found them first.

Fear washes over him. I am going to be marooned! he shudders, unable to comprehend how he might end up alone, especially after his display of grace. An upsetting truth reveals itself: usually the proportion of ladies to gentlemen leans overwhelmingly in favor of the lads. Tonight, the odds seem even.

Time is escaping him. The crowd is joining hands.

I cannot be alone!

But just as hope flickers out, he finds an unapproached lass and hastily bows low to her, almost in desperation, yet garnering acceptance with a smile and appropriate honour.

Not to worry, a friend later advises him. The lasses still outnumber the lads by his count. He advises the blue-bonneted highlander to seek out the ladies sitting down.

He would have little time to impress his newfound partner, as the first dance mixes the gathering through numerous changes of companions. They step in circles around the room, joining hands and stepping back and forth to the center with a joyous kick. The enthusiastic lad pours his joy into his feet, skipping in steps others merely walk through.

"Save some for later!" a friend suggests after seeing the Highlander’s sprightly steps in the opening promenade.

But this is his love, his joy, the one diversion uplifting him above all others, the stuff of his dreams. He allows no dampening of his passion as the smile fixes upon his face, dance after dance, reminding himself that fatigue is no excuse to impress a beautiful lass across from him in the set. He removes his sporran, that anchor around his waist which serves no purpose but to slap against him, tormenting him like the musket fire of the pitiful English.

The dance hall fills with the music of the Bonnie Prince Charlie's Angels, crime fighters and beloved accompanists. They play under the command and call of Miss Becky, beloved dancing mistress who never fails to lead the cavorting masses to terpsichorean victory.

But ah, the crowd longs for a Highland breeze! This is Scotland, is it not? We should be enjoying a cool dampness instead of monsoonal humidity!

"Maybe we could get a breeze from Loch Ness," the blue-bonneted lad remarks after several mops of his watering brow.

"Aye," another lad responds. "We might just smell the monster."

Several lasses help quench the relentless thirst with ample liquid sustenance, partaken as generously as it is given. Water and punch rehydrate the multitudes who fan themselves or turn to a modern relief.

"Careful there, Marilyn Monroe," the Bonnie Prince dryly admonishes as the spirited Highlander plants himself in front of the anachronistic windmill. His kilt billows and ripples above his knees, endangering his modesty, even with his hands holding it in place.

(We shall note the lad has indeed taken appropriate countermeasures against embarrassment.)

Revitalized, he leaps at the opportunity to dance a Highland Jig. But this jig more resembles a Highland Fling, a product of some study and practice, but mostly just a free hand raised above him, a few well-placed hops from one foot to the other, and a heartfelt commitment: If you're going to put on a kilt, learn the Fling!

The efforts do not go unrewarded as others seek to imitate, lasses facing him and matching his steps as the spirit of the dance infects the hall. It is satisfying, yet fatiguing, and his exertion leaves him planted once again in front of the mechanical windmill, his chest forward and head tilted back, beckoning the air to refresh him.

"You deserve it, Christopher," the Bonnie Prince compliments without a warning of kilt-lifting.

"The Sword Dance would be nice," the blue-bonneted Jacobite ponders. "There's one over there. I just need another." But that will have to wait for another time. The gathering practice their Highland Charge. Woe to the Englishmen who stands before this!

Cheers of "Huzzah!" accompany every announcement and follow every dance. Polite applause does not convey enough spirit, refined though it may be. The Highlanders must intimidate and celebrate in the same breath.

Winded yet determined, the lad in Royal Stuart garb seizes every chance to cavort, refusing to bow to fatigue. I made it to Edinburgh, didn't I? The gathered clans share his resolve, and without fail, they are drawn into a reward of extraordinary bliss.

A moment arrives during one final mixer of the evening -- a stew of small circles, right- and- left-hand stars and do-si-do's -- when the spirit of the dance consumes the masses, when walking steps transform into skipping steps and bows and curtseys sink lower and flow deeper from the heart. The Highlander raises his free hand during the stars, first observing he is one of few doing so... and then noticing everybody is doing it... and nobody is calling the steps any more. The pinnacle of joy is upon them, hearts joined in peace through dancing. The happy multitudes create a new world for ourselves, if only for a few precious moments, one they shall return to in times of reminiscing many days later.

It is not Heaven, but you can feel it from here.

During a last waltz with a beautiful young lass, the Jacobite cannot help but notice a lively pair of Highland women. He later offers words of astonishment.

"You two were wonderful," he says, commenting on their stylized, ballet-style footwork that unquestionably has them thinking outside the box step. "I have never seen a waltz like that. George Balanchine couldn’t have choreographed that any better."

Did every lad follow orders, the Bonnie Prince inquires, and dance with as many lasses as possible?


Three cheers for the Bonnie Prince!

"Hip hip, HUZZAH! Hip hip, HUZZAH! Hip hip, HUZZAH!"

The gathering retires to the local inn, where containing their enthusiasm for the sake of the slumbering seems impossible. They shush themselves repeatedly, afraid of the innkeepers' wrath. Some retreat outside. But all bask in the afterglow, which dissolves into dawn.

Morning has broken, evidence of the Lord's greatness, and the faithful offer their prayers and testimonies, thanksgiving for their blessings and evidence of God's greatness and presence in their lives. Tears flow from eyes, the product of humble hearts consumed by the Holy Spirit, tears of joy. Happy tears, like the rain that enriches the earth and sprouts the seeds, that fill the rivers and the oceans, that give life to the barren and hope to the hopeless.

To the field of battle!

Kilted and stoked, the sides meet on the green. You take the high road, and I’ll take the center. Hike!

"D" is the key in the Highland Bowl. Let us see the English get by these lines, populated by blitzers and rushers and lightning-fast wee ones who can exploit the tiniest weakness. Lasses prove they are just as worthy as the lads in the fight. The passing game is crucial, but the interceptions and incompletes add up.

But victory shall be ours, and the ties of two previous contests shall be settled, as evidenced by the scorecard.

Game One by the measure of one and twenty to nil.

Game Two by the measure of nine to seven, including a rare safety.

Through the course of both matches, "everyone was both a zero and a hero," the Bonnie Prince notes in the post-game analysis. The talented Tracy takes MVP. And every lad and lass of the gathered clans take home many glorious memories, summed up in a trademark cry:


NEXT: Yeeeee-haw!


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