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Dear friends,
Our recent Old Virginia Harvest Ball was such a joy! The historic ambience of our location was just wonderful and wasn't it set off perfectly by the beautiful reds and golds of the surrounding garland of bright Autumn leaves?
There is something to be said for the friendly coziness of a full but comfortable dance hall which lends itself to amiability and good cheer!
We did enjoy some splendid music and dances didn't we? Leesburg Pike, Trip to Washington, Crossing the Potomac and many more such dances gave me your servant the pleasure of viewing your wide smiles from my advantageous post near the lectern.
How wonderful to see our growing number of Virginia friends from past occasions and to spend time with new ones as well. And it would be only right to mention that Virginia was not alone but was well supported by her beautiful sisters Arizona, Maryland and Tennessee!
Our family friendly reenacting group is the largest living history organization here in the Southwest and is rapidly growing in Virginia and Maryland now as well. As we get more and more families - and particularly fathers and sons - involved it will be necessary to spend more and more time in the area to conduct training in preparations for Civil War Sesquicentennial events. Now is the time to get involved!
If anyone might be traveling to the West during the cool months you might enjoy our 7th annual American Heritage Festival and our 9th annual Victorian Christmas Ball. They are two of our largest and most enjoyable annual events!
A Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas to all.
We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Your servant
and blessed to be so.
Lord Scott
We Make History & We Make History Virginia


Dear Lord Scott,

On behalf of my whole family, I wanted to say thanks for putting on the dance last night. We all had a great time, and it such a wonderful way for people in the homeschool community to connect.

Best Regards,

John U.

Potomac. Maryland




 We had an absolutely delightful time with you, except of course, it was too short.

God bless!


Leesburg, Virginia


We had a truly wonderful time at the ball and look forward to the next one!  Thank you so much for providing these family friendly, historic enrichment opportunities.



Lovettsville, Virginia


Dear Lord Scott and Family,

We so enjoyed our time at the dance, as usual.  It was surprising and gratifying to see so many people attending this ball.  How the good Lord has graced We Make History!  We pray He continues to do so, and that we enjoy these get-togethers for many years to come, both here in the Southeast and out your way in Arizona, too.

What a grand Ball this year’s Harvest Ball was.  We think it was the liveliest yet, and enjoyed the new dances very much.  We hope to dance with you all again soon.

In His love,

Bill, Mikki and Dominic

Madisonville, Tennessee


On behalf of the entire band, I feel compelled to thank you, again, for inviting us to participate in the Harvest Ball.  The combination of people, activities, and everything else (maybe even including the weather!) seemed to gel in the best possible way; it was one of those rare experiences where the dancers seemed to be mesmerized and
energized by the music, and for us, as musicians, there is no greater compliment.  We look forward with great enthusiasm to performing with you again.

I also want to encourage you to consider our participation in other events related to the Civil War Sesquicentennial activities.  We are aware that there is a coming flood of events and celebrations over the next few years, and although we have not actively pursued these yet, there are some obvious ways that we could contribute.  Please keep us in mind as your plans develop.

Best of health and happiness to you and your family,


Arlington, Virginia


We had such a great time at the ball!



Purcellville, Virginia



Please also see our “Etiquette & Expectations” page as well as our "All About Us" page.















The Old Virginia Harvest Ball

Autumn has arrived. Leaves are turning to gold as are the late afternoon rays of the October sun. The harvest is in and thoughts turn toward celebration and the enjoyment of friendly company. Virginia Hospitality will be in full swing as friends begin to gather...

With a centuries' old tradition of friendly hospitality is it any wonder then that “The Old Dominion” as she is fondly known has a longstanding reputation among her sister states as the leader in grace, manners, hospitality and gentility?

Some would say that the height or near perfection of the grace and gentility of Virginia were to be best experienced in the antebellum years. Perhaps this is so. The thesis is certainly intriguing and the friendly family of We Make History gave the idea earnest exploration through means of The Old Virginia Harvest Ball!

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