His Highness The Prince of Orange along with Lord & Lady Scott and many of the nobility of We Make History assembled in Phoenix, Arizona for our 8th annual Pride & Prejudice Ball, enjoying the grace and elegance of the Regency era.

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Lords & Ladies of We Make History















































Notes from the Nobility

Lords & Ladies of We Make History,

It has been agreed that our 8th annual Pride & Prejudice Ball was a tremendous success!

Grace, elegance and all the attributes of gentility reigned supreme as lovely ladies and chivalrous gentlemen gathered from all parts of the realm.

Our Spanish & French musicians (refugees from a continent dominated by the tyrant Bonaparte) effortlessly helped us transition from the gracious to the lively to the elegant and I do trust that your servant's humble efforts as host might have added in some way to the pleasantries as well.

But indeed it was the radiance of our guests, particularly our beautiful ladies who fairly glow, that helped our evening to be not merely a social gathering but a work of living artistry.

Our first-time guests caught on wonderfully well and I am gratified that our veterans practiced noblesse oblige in serving them. How good it was to greet old friends we haven't seen in some time, renew recent and familiar acquaintances and make new friends among the cheerful throng as well.

We do hope to see many of you again soon at our 7th annual American Heritage Festival or at our 9th annual Victorian Christmas Ball where the dances will be very lively, the caroling beautiful and the We Make History family will celebrate the "most wonderful time of the year" in true Christmas Splendour!


I remain

your servant

and blessed to be so.


Lord Scott


We Make History


Encouraging Words in Appreciation of the Ladies

It has been well acknowledged by persons of discernment throughout history that of all the visible creation, God has blessed none with so much beauty as he has woman. This alone would be cause enough for great admiration, yet when woman adds to physical beauty such treasures as the beauty of good character; nobility, grace, generosity, affability, and discretion, along with intelligence, taste, wit and a sense of style, then she is a higher work of art indeed. It is no hidden thing that women have great influence over men. A low woman may be able to reduce a low man to the level of a swine. But a true lady has the ability to lift, inspire and ennoble a good man toward chivalry, gentlemanly ideals and greatness itself.

Ladies, do polish your physical beauty and allow it to shine, recognizing that your attire does matter, yet take even greater heed to the development of those qualities which will bring depth to beauty's luster. When you have done this you will discover great power in making use of all to inspire the good men around you to higher levels of their own.

Your fond admirer,

Lord Scott


My dear Lord Scott,

I find myself once again greatly impressed and highly enriched by one of your events.  My sister and I have just returned from this year’s Pride and Prejudice Ball, and to say that I enjoyed myself would be a fantastic understatement.  Though I have had the pleasure of joining the fine ranks of your 1st Minnesota Infantry for Civil War reenacting, this was the first of your Balls that I have attended.  Not only was I pleasantly surprised by the many familiar faces both form past WMH events and from Moezart Productions (of which I am an intern) but I was given the opportunity to meet a host of new persons.  The music was wonderful, the dancing invigorating, and the company of great quality.

Your ever humble and thankful friend,
Myck K.
For the King!


 Lord Scott,

        I would like to thank you for a simply wonderful Ball. Lady Katrina and I enjoyed the many dances and music, and most of all the many fine citizens of London and beyond. We could not have picked a more wonderful Ball to be the first of many We Make History Balls, as I believe I even saw Mr. Darcy having a grand time. Thank you to you and your lovely family.

Lord Brent and Lady Katrina

Kingdom of Prussia



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