And now - just for fun - a little Yavapai County humor at Sedona's expense...


Some things defy explanation.

Though history has failed to record it, planet earth was saved one Saturday afternoon in 2009 when a determined group of historical reenactors defeated a planned invasion by an alien reconnaissance force in a flying saucer operating from an advance base near Sedona.



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Dear Colonel Scott,
Thank you so much for what you do. For giving us a glimpse of what it was like to live in the 1860's. Of how it was like to stand shoulder to shoulder in combat. But most of all, how to be a man of God. Nothing can replace the feeling I get when I hear the crack of those rifles, and I just wanted to thank you for that experience. Looking forward to many more engagements. God bless you and this ministry!!

Your humble servant,
Pvt. Jacob M.


Dear Col. Scott,
 My son, Private J. Y., enjoyed the Battle of Poland Junction so much that he would like to join you for the Battle of Payson.
  T. Y.


 Col. Scott,

Poland Junction provided a vivid sample of a Civil War battle. Pushing the Artillery piece up the ridgeline gave me a reminder of the dedication and principled efforts needed to fight this war. Brawn alone is not enough...these men gave their all for our freedom. It's an honor to relive the struggles that were a part of our American Heritage.

And thank you for presenting the opportunity to share the Lord's workings in our lives! Without the invitation no one would hear the Good News. I leave into the Hands of the Holy Spirit any fruit that may come of it.

Best regards,

Pvt. S.


Really did enjoy the Poland Junction outing.  What a great setting and what wonderful hosts.  Hope we can do it again sometime.  See you in Payson.
Your friend, G.


I loved the reenacting at Poland Junction! And it was quite surprising to find my friends...and myself...on your site!  Lol!

I also enjoyed dressing up and I know my friends all did too.

I am praying for you all!



Col. Scott,

You know I am all about the service that we can provide, and the fun we have is just a bonus. The photos were great, and the x-files stuff made me laugh out loud. What a great day. I am really looking forward to Payson, it is going to be a fantastic opportunity to bless others.



DEAR Col. Scott,
My 71/2 year old wants to say:

"I like the person with the pistol and I liked your sword and I liked my brother when he shot his rifle.  Thank you! love, Dominic"  :o)



















Continuing with our mission of serving families through historical education which honours our heritage, the ladies and gentlemen of the 1st Virginia Infantry and 1st Minnesota Infantry presented the Battle of Poland Junction, an opportunity for families to learn together and particularly for young men to be inspired to high character through the example of those who have gone before. Together, We Make History!











All photos and content 2009 We Make History. All Rights Reserved.