Proudly Presented

"Return to Cook Plantation"

A Day of Living History circa 1864


The Soldiers & Civilians of

The 1st Virginia Infantry & The 1st Minnesota Infantry

September 25th, 2010     Flagstaff, Arizona































































































































































Letters from 1864


Ladies & Gentlemen,

Our training event for new recruits at Cook Plantation this past Saturday was memorable, a day that was truly blessed.
I was humbled, encouraged and grateful in being reminded how good God has been to us in and through this historical education ministry. We have a team of leaders that are continuing to develop, learn and grow - a team that any commander would be proud of. Even being "rusty" after the summer months they warmed up and were doing quite well.
I am also humbled, encouraged and grateful at the way God keeps bringing us more men and women - new recruits - with "the right stuff", people with good character who have a desire to honour, respect, learn and serve.
Though a few may be older than I, yet I cannot help feeling a bit of a father's pride and concern for all - both older and younger - as I work with the tremendous group of people that we call the 1st Virginia / 1st Minnesota. In some small way we begin to understand the care, service and indeed love that characterized great leaders such as Washington and Lee.
And we did have a good time! The weather was a bit warm for training and drill but everyone "soldiered on" uncomplainingly and we were rewarded by a pair of really enjoyable battles in the afternoon, great fellowship and a wonderful time of prayer and testimony. A number of photos and pieces of art bear witness to the day and may be viewed above on this page. I will also be adding new headshots soon to our 1st Minnesota Infantry and 1st Virginia Infantry Galleries.
It is my sincere desire that our new recruits will continue with us into the American Heritage Festival November 19th-21st in Queen Creek. This is our largest event of the year in Arizona and indeed the largest living history event anywhere in The Southwest.
I look forward to many of you joining us for the 150th anniversary reenactment of the Battle of Manassas July 21st-24th, 2011 in Virginia. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make history!
Please enjoy the photos from Cook Plantation and please write with your fond recollections and with your intentions as we move forward.
A servant in a noble cause...
Col. Scott


Col. Scott,
I wanted to drop a quick email to say "thank you" for you and the team for making the event at Cook Plantation so much fun. As a first time participant, I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of being a Union soldier - and look forward to the next event.
Also, I wanted to add that I appreciate your humility, sense of humor, appreciation for historical accuracy, and desire to encourage and inspire other men. It is a noble cause indeed. 
Finally, the worship in testimony time and song was pure and holy worship.
Your brother in Christ,
J. B.


Col. Scott,

We want to thank you for this weekend’s activity.  We really enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot.  We are praying about our involvement in the Heritage festival and possibly Manassas. 

We thank God for His ministry!  Have a blessed day.


John C.


Dear Col. Scott,

I wanted to first off tell you what a wonderful time my wife and I had on Saturday at Cook's Plantation. I cannot stop telling my friends and family how fun it was and how Godly of a man you are sir. We look forward to many more events with you and this wonderful group.

Once again, thank you for this awesome opportunity to fellowship in a unique way and to share God's Word.


Private Robert P.


My son & his grandfather had so much fun this weekend. They would love to do it again in November.

C. N.


Dear Col. Scott,

I just wanted to send you a letter thanking you and the We Make History Family for a great day at the Cook Plantation.  It was my first experience re-enacting and I must say it was a great one.  I learned a lot and had a grand time doing it.  I truly enjoyed the Christian fellowship and instant acceptance into the group.  It was a positive and rewarding experience that I look forward to sharing with others.  I look forward to bringing my family along for the next event.  


Private G. B.