Ladies & Gentlemen,
We had an outstanding day at Poland Junction.
The weather was fine. The number of soldiers was increased from last year. Company and battalion drill went very well and the two battles were a great deal of fun.
Testimony time was a real highlight. I am glad to have some great young people involved in the 1st Virginia Infantry / 1st Minnesota Infantry who are bold and unashamed of their faith and values.
I remain
your humble servant.
Col. Scott


My Dear Col. Scott,
Thank you so very much for the work you do for all of us and your spirit of service.  I was very much moved by the speeches you gave in Poland Junction both before the battles and during the prayers and testimony, especially your comments concerning the foundation of the WMH mission:  without service to God, it's just another thing.  Beautifully expressed, and dead-on accurate. 
I remain truly yours,


Col. Scott,

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a great experience!


Stacy R.


Thank you Colonel Scott for helping us realize what it means to be a gentlemen!

Your humble servant,

Pvt M. from the 1st VA.


We had a great time on Saturday. Big Thanks. We are planning on coming to Payson.

God Bless,

Bob and boys



















Continuing with our mission of serving families through historical education which honours our heritage, the ladies and gentlemen of the 1st Virginia Infantry and 1st Minnesota Infantry presented the Battle of Poland Junction, an opportunity for families to learn together and particularly for young men to be inspired to high character through teamwork, respect, self-discipline, personal testimonies and the historic example of those who have gone before. Together, We Make History!








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