House Standards

We are grateful to our wonderful guests who make the effort with us to create a special ambience and atmosphere of respect. We uphold these standards out of regard for our much-appreciated friends and for the sake of the integrity of our events.

1. The use of either tobacco or alcohol is prohibited.

2. Videotaping is not welcome other than by our house videographer. We work hard to create a special and comfortable historic ambience that all will enjoy. Discreet photography is welcome but please leave video equipment at home.

3. No unauthorized distribution of literature is allowed. Nor is this event an opportunity to recruit persons for purposes either modern or historical. Please allow all of our guests to enjoy the evening in peace.

4. This is an historic ball and we ask that even those dressed modern conform to certain historic standards. All clothed in modern attire must be at least at a semi-formal level. Modern gentlemen need to be wearing tuxes or suits. As per historic standards, jackets and ties need to be on at all times. Modern ladies should wear long gowns, preferably at or near ankle length - not short dresses or skirts and blouses.

5. Appropriate footwear is required. (i.e. historic footwear, dress shoes, dancing slippers, ballet flats, etc.) Please no sandals, flip-flops or athletic shoes. For the sake of your safety as well as event ambience dancing barefoot is impermissible.

6. We do not offer refunds of contributions.

7 Ages 13 and up are welcome. Ages 8 to 12 are also welcome (with accompanying parent or guardian) if well-mannered, responsible and able to exhibit the necessary social maturity.

8. Gracious and respectful conduct & conversation are expected of all, to all and at all times.

9. We desire to be good stewards of the facilities we use, to treat them with care and to leave them in at least as good of condition as when we arrived.

10. For the good of all, any who might consider themselves exempt from any of the above may be asked to leave.

Please also see our Etiquette & Expectations page as well as our "All About Us" page.



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House Standards

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The Highland Ball - Fine Dancing & Good Fellowship


"Charles entered Edinburgh, and that night a Ball in the ancient Palace of Holyrood celebrated the return of the Stuart to the Scottish Capital."

Lads & Lasses!

The Standard of Scotland has been planted on the San Francisco Peaks. Give a shout, raise the Clans and rally 'round your hosts the Bonnie Prince and Miss Flora Macdonald for We Make History's annual Scottish Highland Ball in cool and beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona!


The Evening of August 20th, 2011 there will be a "Gathering of the Clans" at Ashurst Hall at 5:30 with the Highland Ball to commence at 6:30.   


The spacious upper level ballroom of beautiful Ashurst Hall has wonderful historic ambience with large windows overlooking the beauty of a green and scenic area of towering pine and spruce on the campus of Northern Arizona University of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Music & Dance

Expect lively and enjoyable historic styles, particularly with a Celtic flair. Guest musicians will be "Bonnie Prince Charlie's Angels."

What to Wear

Come dressed in historic Scottish garb of any time period if you are able. Otherwise choose 18th or 19th century British or American styles or modern semiformal attire. (Please see "House Standards" below.) No, one need not be Scottish to attend!


Photos coming soon!


 The Highland Ball

Photos coming soon!