His Highness The Prince of Orange along with Lord & Lady Scott and all the assembled nobility of We Make History assembled together for our 10th annual Pride & Prejudice Ball, an evening of grace and elegance in the midst of the beautiful Regency era.

The setting for our 10th annual Pride and Prejudice Ball was the year 1811.















































































Letters from 1811

Lords & Ladies of We Make History,

Our 11th annual Pride & Prejudice Ball has come and gone but lives on in the warm affections which ignite our hearts as we ponder favourite memories, fine moments and smiling faces from this Saturday past.

Grace, elegance and all the attributes of gentility reigned supreme as charming ladies and gallant gentlemen gathered from all parts of the realm. The We Make History aristocracy was well represented!

The Pride & Prejudice Ball always holds a certain quality of wonder. Is it the delightful dances, some slow and elegant, others quick and lively? Is it the beautiful ladies moving elegantly about the floor in high-waisted gowns of silk with softly flowing trains? Is it simply the radiant smiles which light the room like so many bright and glowing candles?

Indeed, all of the above and much more! Has not our God been kind and gracious to us all? Surely, yea!

There was some drama in the days preceding the Ball. Several of our friends were en route from northern England via merchant ship when they were attacked by  a French privateer in the midst of a foggy sea lane. Though a number of ladies were on board and visible on deck, the frogs (perhaps surprised at the appearance of another vessel in the fog at close quarters) fired upon the merchant ship with swivel guns and small arms. Mr. Lilly suffered a wound from a musket ball and was unable to attend the Ball but his daughters, the well known Lilly sisters escaped unscathed. Another young lady was injured by splinters sent flying by a French cannonball but still bravely attended the Ball though on crutches. His Excellency the Duke of Braganza (emissary from our ally His Majesty the King of Portugal) was also on board and we understand that he brandished sword and pistol in defense of his sisters as it appeared the French were preparing to board.  It is quite fortunate that His Majesty's sloop-of-war HMS Francis appeared out of the fog at this critical juncture and under the gallant Captain Christopher drove the French vessel away.

We do hope to see many of you again soon at our 9th annual American Heritage Festival or at our 11th annual Victorian Christmas Ball where the dances will be very lively, the caroling beautiful and the WMH family will celebrate "the most wonderful time of the year" and the Birth of our Saviour in true Christmas Splendour!

I remain

your servant in a noble cause

and blessed to be so.


Lord Scott


We Make History


Encouraging Words in Appreciation of the Ladies

It has been well acknowledged by persons of discernment throughout history that of all the visible creation, God has blessed none with so much beauty as he has woman. This alone would be cause enough for great admiration, yet when woman adds to physical beauty such treasures as the beauty of good character; nobility, grace, generosity, affability, and discretion, along with intelligence, taste, wit and a sense of style, then she is a higher work of art indeed.

It is no hidden thing that women have great influence over men. A low woman may be able to reduce a low man to a level almost inhuman. But a true lady has the ability to lift, inspire and ennoble a good man toward chivalry, gentlemanly ideals and greatness itself.

Ladies, do polish your physical beauty and allow it to shine, recognizing that your attire does matter, yet take even greater heed to the development of those inner qualities which will bring depth to beauty's luster. When you have done this you will discover great power in making use of all to inspire the good men around you to higher levels of their own.

Your fond admirer,

Lord Scott


Lord and Lady Scott,

Thank you so much for hosting the Pride & Prejudice Ball. I always have a grand time dancing, and can't wait for the Victorian Christmas Ball!
May God bless you and your family.

-In the risen Christ,


Dear Lord Scott,

I was honored to be one of the invited guests to your Pride and Prejudice Ball. I greatly enjoyed all the dancing and the company. Especially you in the beginning "setting the mood". My father was intimidated to go, but came nonetheless, and had a fantastic time. I also appreciated you being a Christian. It was so refreshing to see Christians using the creativity God gave them. It was something I shall always remember, and hope to enjoy next year. If we do attend next year, we shall probably bring Ms. Andrea Bryant (my younger sister). My older sister, Ms. Danielle Bryant, left this last Monday (the 26th of September) to join our militia. I shall not see her for some time, which pains me for we are so very close. Although I miss her horribly, I am excited for her to be able to show the Air Force God's love.


Ms. Jessica B.


Dear Lord Scott,

I wanted to thank you for a delightful evening of dancing and fun. I enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to attending additional events in the future.


Tamara D.

Great Event! Thank you to all for organizing it! :o)


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