The Civil War Sesquicentennial: Spring 1861 - Spring 2011

The Ladies and Gentlemen of the 1st Virginia Infantry / 1st Minnesota Infantry of We Make History were proud to portray the soldiers and civilians of both North & South as we presented reenactments of three of the initial actions of the Civil War or War Between The States.

The Battles of Fairfax Courthouse, Philippi and Big Bethel may have been small in comparison to some of the climactic conflicts to come, but for those participating they were very real and represented first tests of the courage, perseverance, honour and discipline that would be needed in the years to come.

While we do not "celebrate" war, yet through family-friendly, values-oriented reenacting we provide a creative, inspirational and thought-provoking forum for learning of our heritage and honouring the qualities of men and women of integrity who found themselves caught up in situations much bigger than themselves - over which they had little or no control - yet found the strength and courage to be people of high character through challenging and difficult times. The faith and values of such people who were put to the test and persevered with honour are such that we ought to admire and learn from even now - 150 years later.

Family Friendly Reenacting - It's About Time