Proudly Presented The Sesquicentennial Reenactment of

"The Battle of Pea Ridge"

A Day of Living History


The Soldiers & Civilians of

Family Friendly Reenacting

The 1st Virginia Infantry & The 1st Minnesota Infantry

March 17th, 2012     Flagstaff, Arizona

The Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas fought in March of 1862 was one of the few Civil War battles which took place with snow on the ground. On the Union side were men from Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. An interesting statistic is that over half the men who fought for the North at Pea Ridge were natives of Germany! On the Confederate side were troops from Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and approximately 800 Indians from what is now Oklahoma. Pea Ridge was a two-day battle fought by two inexperienced armies in chaotic conditions amidst snowy, forested hills. Pea Ridge was the largest Civil War battle fought west of the Mississippi River. The two sides played roles that might be regarded as stereotypical. The Union force was methodical in maneuver and determined on defense. The Confederate force was audacious in maneuver and bold in attack but was hampered by supply and communication problems. As often happened early in the war, Confederate leaders led from the front and Confederate leader casualties perhaps more than any other single factor tipped the battle in favour of the Union Army of The Southwest. Union victory at Pea Ridge gave the North the initiative and the upper hand in Arkansas and Missouri.


































































































































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Letters from 1862

Ladies & Gentlemen,

We were blessed with a wonderful day as we conducted training, did some living history and continued with our Civil War Sesquicentennial series in reenacting scenes from the Battle of Pea Ridge which took place in March of 1862. Thank you for your participation!
There were many serious moments as we prayed, taught safety, drilled and taught history. Our new recruits worked hard and did very well. They favourably impressed those of us who are veterans of more than a few campaigns and will fit well with our standards of excellence, service and esprit de corps.
There were some humorous moments too such as "the lamest ambush in the history of the world" and many smiles and much laughter as some of us enjoyed a snowball fight toward the end of the day.
(When all was said and done the Union triumphed and won the Battle of Pea Ridge just as 150 years ago. The Rebs lost Pea Ridge but they routed us in the snowball fight afterward through a combination of superior tactics, aggressive volleys and friendly fire incidents among us Yanks.)
The evening closed with an incredible prayer gathering as person after person confessed needs in their lives, asked for prayer and accepted encouragement. It was beautiful to see so many backgrounds and denominations join together hand-in-hand as the Body of Christ advancing God's Kingdom in love, truth and power.
To quote Bob "Only with this group could so many be gathered in an Arby's in Civil War clothing, praying, experiencing the presence of The Holy Spirit, holding hands and singing the Doxology together as "Brick House" plays over the loudspeaker!"
We are indeed "a peculiar people!"
Please do consider participating in our Civil War Ball this Saturday. It is an evening of history and joy and we need your support and involvement.
I remain
your servant
in a noble cause.
Col. Scott


Dear Colonel Scott,
I want to thank you again for allowing me the privilege to reenact in these battles! It was such a wonderful day, especially with the snow! The pictures look pretty cool (no pun intended). Thank you for all the work you do, it means a lot to me. May God continue to bless you and your family. Lord willing, see you at the Civil War Ball!
-In the risen Christ,
Cpl. Jake


Thanks for the photos!
By His grace, for His glory,


Col. Scott,

What a great day, with beautiful weather. The highlight of my day was hearing the appreciation of the spectator and her family, as she recounted growing up back East, and having the memories of her Father. It continues to show how the Lord uses us to bless others.

Sgt. U.


























































































































In respectful memory of those who fought at Pea Ridge, both Blue and Grey, in March of 1862...