The Arizona Barn Dance
Yeeeee Haaaaaa!

Welcome to We Make History’s celebration of Old Arizona and The Old West …


There were few things that folks in the West liked better than dancing. On plains and prairies, in deserts and mountains, western folks enjoyed hoe-downs, barn dances and country balls. They may have taken place in a town square, a church hall, a ranch house or in the midst of circled wagons under the open sky and bright stars ... but wherever it may have been, folks sure did enjoy a good dance!

Pioneers, soldiers, farmers, politicians, ministers and indeed people of all types wrote in diaries, letters and published articles regarding attending dances. Of course good dancing is a very joyful experience. As our forebears realized, dancing positively engages the mind, exercises the body and has a wonderful tonic effect on the soul. But there was much more than just the pleasure of dancing! With no radio or CDs available dances were an opportunity to hear and enjoy music. With no telephones or email available dances provided an opportunity to socialize, communicate and share news with others. With high cultural expectations of behavior, dances were especially an opportunity to polish one’s manners and develop the social skills expected of those in "decent company".

Often no more than a single experienced fiddler was required but a good 3 or 4 piece string band could draw folks in from miles around. Some came on foot or straddling the back of a mule while others pranced on racehorses, rolled up in carriages or arrived perched in fashionable buggies. Some wore their homespun “Sunday best” while others wore silken “store bought” goods. Some came from busy, growing towns while others traveled from distant frontier homesteads. A good time was to be had by all. :o)

Unlike most of our events, this dance doesn't have a specific historic or educational theme other than what has already been mentioned - and perhaps the need for folks to put the "hoe down," cease work and pressures and enjoy time together in a light and wholesome environment.
We welcome fashions of the "Old West" (Little House on the Prairie, Civil War, Frontier, Pioneer, Victorian, Traditional Mexican) or "New West" (hats, boots, jeans, western shirts) or even "Vintage West" (fancy western shirts, bolo ties, rhinestones).

Just please no spurs or other paraphernalia that could harm a dance floor ... or a dance partner. :o)

Lively tunes are enjoyed ranging from the early 19th to mid 20th centuries along with hand clappin’, foot stompin’ social dances.

Saddle up! Hitch the carriage! It's time for the Arizona Barn Dance!

Your servant in family-friendly history and the arts…

Colonel Scott



Letters by Pony Express

Col. Scott,

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening at the Barn Dance!  Our family enjoyed our first experience with We Make History.  We appreciate you letting us bring our little children; it helped us celebrate together as a family, the way we like to celebrate.  :)

We will be back!

Most sincerely,

Michele and Joe


We really enjoyed the Barn Dance and plan to try to get to more of the dances in the coming year.

Paul, Kitty, and Jacob

Scottsdale, AZ


Dear Col. Scott:

We are glad to inform you that the Llusco family, in spite of the difficulties we had on our way to the dance, we were able to enjoy it very much.

This would be our third participation in your activities, but our first  Barn Dance.

Once again, we enjoyed the activity very much and appreciate the order in which it was conducted, as usual.

We would like to thank you and your family for all your efforts in putting together such wholesome activities, where our children can enjoy friendship,

community, and fun, and where God is present and honored.  Also, thank you for doing all this in such an affordable way.

My husband and I would specially like to thank you, your Lady Scott, and young Ladies for we know it takes a united family to be able to work together

in such a blessed way.  Thank you all for being a model of a Christian family.

In Christ,

Sir Rene and Senora Nancy

Phoeniz, AZ


My dear friend and brother in Christ,

The other day I was reflecting on when I had first joined We Make History. It was back in February, 2009! I look back at that time and can hardly believe that it has been over 4 years that I have been with We Make History. Ever since I first joined I have been poured into over and over again--lessons of what it is to be a Godly man, of how a gentlemen treats others (ladies in particular); the notions of honesty, chivalry, courage; the blessings of being trustworthy, the importance of friendship and camaraderie (in both the good times and bad); of doing everything to the glory of God; of being dependable, flexible, willing to step up or step down, wherever and whenever the need arises; of how to lead others humbly and lovingly; of accepting disappointment and failure graciously; of celebrating the countless blessings we receive. The list could go on and on! Words alone can not express my immense gratitude for all that God has revealed to me through We Make History!! =)

-I remain your humble servant,



Thank you for a most delightful ball in April!
PD    Ahwatukee


Thank you!  Loved the Barn Dance and the chance to talk about the Good, Beautiful, and True with the good Colonel.
God bless your endeavors,




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