Go East young man!

Whether standing on Plymouth Rock or walking on the moon, Americans have always been fascinated by a new frontier.

Whether hiking through Cumberland Gap with Daniel Boone or riding in Conestoga wagons across plains and prairies, Americans have always responded to the call and adventure of new lands, of new homes.

In the 1830s one could travel across Tennessee and discover the cryptic message "GTT" scrawled or carved onto the doors of homes and cabins all over the state. GTT meant "Gone to Texas" as Texas was the new frontier of that time which like a magnet drew so many thousands on.

In Arizona in the 2000s one could easily imagine a new slogan painted on doors in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert - "GTQC" - for "Gone to Queen Creek."

Queen Creek is quite probably the fastest growing small town in the United States. Queen Creek's commitment to grow into suburban amenities while maintaining its rural roots and feel is striking a chord, sounding an appeal that resonates with many. It is the new frontier of the Phoenix metropolitan area with dramatic growth and skyrocketing land values.

But Queen Creek has learned much by observing the challenges of its neighboring suburbs and is taking a bold yet conservational approach that purposefully chooses forward thinking planning and creative design which direct growth toward a superior standard of living rather than giving way to senseless and out-of-control sprawl.

Pioneer families with many decades invested in the area such as the Sossamans and Schnepfs are still offering knowledge, leadership and guidance as both past and present work hand in hand to create a bright future.

Whether you are a young Arizona family looking for a community to grow along with you, an investor or entrepreneur in search of bonanza or an established business owner dreaming of expansion ...

... my advice to you is the same.

Go East young man.

Go to the jewel of the East Valley.

Go to Queen Creek.

Lord Scott

We Make History is a proud member of the Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce and holds the American Heritage Festival each November at Schnepf Farms.

























































Lord Scott is the founder of We Make History and The American Heritage Festival as well as a friend, promoter, supporter and completely unofficial spokesman of Queen Creek, Arizona.