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School Group Information

We are pleased you have come and are grateful for this opportunity to share with you our mission to support your instructive efforts by means of creative, interactive education which makes history real, alive and three-dimensional to a very visually oriented generation.

There are several means by which we support this effort in schools at all grade levels - whether public school, charter school, private school, Christian school or home school organization - and we are always open to new and creative ideas as well.

Historic Portrayals

We enjoy doing these in "first person" but can do them in "third person" as well. They can be tailored for various age groups and group sizes from a handful to thousands. They can be interactive and conversational with Q & A or can be staged presentations with a dramatic monologue. Many characters from history are available. George Washington is our most popular but a few of our many others are William Bradford, Bonnie Prince Charlie, a colonial governor, Martha Washington, Betsy Ross, Patrick Henry, an English aristocrat, Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers, politicians of both sides of the Civil War, pioneers … and more.

Historic Events

We have the ability to provide a couple of different very unique interactive experiences which involve several or many actors/living historians.

One is to have several different "characters" from a certain event or time period go "round robin" between several classrooms, each character giving a talk about who they are and their experiences in "first person" mode!

Another is to have a larger scale outdoor event that could include a small battle reenactment and which could be done in either "first person" or "third person" mode.

Historic Dance & Etiquette

Respect is the underpinning discipline to historic dance forms and ballroom etiquette of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. We teach historic dance as well as the respect, manners and cultural mores that are so intrinsically intertwined with it. Interactive, instructive demonstrations include students in this step back into our cultural and artistic history. We'll have them bowing, curtsying and dancing in no time!

Formal Historic Balls

We hold eight of these per year, each with its own historic setting. They are a wonderful “extra credit” opportunity for older middle school, high school and college students who may be surprised to discover that a large portion of our enthusiasts who are regularly involved are just their age!

Historic Fashion

We are consulted by individuals and institutions from all over the world regarding the topic of historic attire and are well known for our historic reproduction garments as well as articles written on the subject. Historic fashion makes for a fascinating workshop topic, easily demonstrated with reproductions, and gives so many clues to the culture of a given time and place.