We Make History

“Where History & The Arts Meet”

Our 15th annual American Heritage Festival

The largest living history event in The Southwest! Three days of historical reenactments, presentations, exhibits, fashion, crafts, music and vendors ranging from early explorers through the 20th century. Special days for school groups and for the general public.

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November 16th - 18th, Schnepf Farms, Queen Creek, AZ

Upcoming Events

Victorian Christmas Ball

Join the joyful family of We Make History as we celebrate this wonderful season in the old Victorian style with dancing, gifts, caroling and plenty of good cheer for all!

Nov 25th

Tucson Liberty Festival

Be immersed into 1776 and the quest for Liberty!

Jan 12th

Phoenix Liberty Festival

An Educational & Inspirational Journey into "Liberty" circa 1776!

Feb 8th - Feb 9th

Recent Events

Buccaneers' Ball

Yohoho... Avast there matey... Pieces of eight, pieces of eight... Dance a proper jig or walk the plank. Booty for all and plunder a'plenty. Shiver me timbers and boarders away... Arrrr...

Jul 22nd

American Heritage Festival

The largest and most diverse Living History event in Arizona & The Southwest!

Nov 16th - Nov 18th, Schnepf Farms, Queen Creek, AZ