We Make History

“Where History & The Arts Meet”

About Us

We Make History is a 501(c)3 nonprofit devoted to bringing history to life in the context of a creative, interactive, inspirational, family friendly environment.

We are passionate about our "outward" focus of ... Serving communities, schools and families through creative, engaging and inspirational education featuring positive, uplifting use of history and the arts in many social contexts.

For nearly seventeen years We Make History has been providing creative educational events, activities and support for public schools, government agencies and other public, secular entities. In these situations we take great care not only to provide a quality program that will get people excited about learning American History but also to do so within the framework of the United States Constitution. We teach the Constitution, the Constitution is very important to us and we have a team of experienced attorneys advising us whose primary practice is regarding Constitutional matters including civil liberties. You may rest assured that We Make History supports the educational efforts of public schools and other entities within their legal, secular context.

We Make History is also able to provide programs centered on history and the arts that are more geared to the specific needs of Christian schools, churches, Christian homeschool organizations and other spiritually focused entities as well as tailored programs to fit the needs of private institutions, civic groups and organizations.

Our team is very diverse in knowledge, skills and backgrounds and capable of adapting to the needs of your group, school or organization.

Originally formed in Arizona, We Make History is now "bi-coastal" offering a variety of educational, inspirational and character-building events not only in Arizona and The Southwest but also on the East Coast - particularly in the mid-Atlantic area of Virginia, DC and Maryland.

We are passionate about our "inward" focus of ...

Developing young people who are part of our We Make History team by encouraging self discipline, self respect, respect for others and using their gifts and talents to serve and uplift those around them. We teach and encourage young people to take the high road in all things and to be a light, a positive influence in their generation. The majority of our large and growing We Make History living history team are in their teens and twenties and we are very proud of them! They do excellent community service that really makes a difference.

We Make History makes positive, educational use of history and the arts! We Make History is particularly known for our Historical Reenactment Productions, Family Friendly Reenacting (Living History) Groups, Dramatic Portrayals of Historic Persons and Historic Balls and Dances. We also produce living history experiences, workshops, seminars, speeches, dramatic portrayals of particular historic episodes or scenarios from historic life and occasional "just for fun" creative social events. These are just some of the means utilized in pursuit of our family-friendly, educational vision. We Make History produces several large historical reenactment events each year in which our reenacting team really shines! Our philosophical foundation encourages our passion for making use of our gifts and talents to bless, uplift and inspire any and all regardless of ethnic, denominational, religious, national or economic background. We believe in taking the high road! We welcome those with real passions for our heritage, for education, for families, for the arts and for positive expressions of service in our communities... to partner with us and actually make a real investment that could have an uplifting impact in the lives of many as we continue on our mission of "making history" through positive, educational use of history and the arts.

We Make History organizes several annual historical reenacting events in Arizona and takes part in events on the East Coast as well. Our American Heritage Festival is the largest educational living history gathering to take place in Arizona (and indeed the entire Southwest), has an important focus on serving public schools, private schools, homeschool groups and families and has gained national attention drawing participants from across North America and from as far away as Asia as well. Our Battle of Tucson is a landmark educational event for Southern Arizona. We Make History created Revolutionary War Reenacting in Arizona and our American Liberty Festival is a wonderful inspirational event focused entirely on the era of the Founding Fathers and the American Revolution - the fight for Liberty! We Make History has also become renowned for our "first person" living history events such as the Battle of Payson. Way beyond the typical reenactment, our first person events combine scripted drama, fluid action and the skills of many actors/reenactors to provide an exciting and entertaining glimpse into a moment in history. As someone well phrased it "We have put the acting back in reenacting."

Our family friendly historical reenacting team is fast growing, involving over 200 ladies, gentlemen and children. Our team is community service oriented with a mission of education. As the only American Revolution reenacting group in Arizona and The Southwest we are blessed to have the numbers and equipment to portray The Virginia Continental Line, Continental Marines and Patriot Militia of George Washington's Army and the Royal Welch Fusiliers, Grenadiers of the First Foot Guards, Jaegers of Hesse Kassel and Loyalist Militia of the British Army. Our unified Civil War reenacting team portrays soldiers and civilians of the North and South, is the largest Civil War reenacting group in Arizona (and the Southwest) and is active and growing on the East Coast as well with invitations to be involved in numerous events related to the 150th Anniversary (Sesquicentennial) of the Civil War. Our 1st Virginia Infantry has won acclaim and an unprecedented honour in Virginia. Our historical reenacting groups serve the public through friendly, creative, interactive education. Within our team we have a strong focus on character development and learning life lessons from history - not merely facts and dates but integrity and values as well. The huge numbers of inspirational young people involved in reenacting with We Make History attest to our success!

Each of of our Historic Balls is set during a certain themed time period such as Jacobean, Baroque, Georgian, Colonial, Regency, Civil War or Victorian. We are well known for being welcoming and encouraging toward beginners and over the years have helped thousands to become interested and involved in historic dance, fashion and etiquette who have found inspiration to pursue high character, to embrace grace and respect, to aspire to become ladies and gentlemen, to live at a higher level of character, values and service - not only while participating in Historic Balls and Reenactments but in the day to day life of the 21st century as well.

Our Historic Portrayals of famous persons such as George Washington have gained high praise from many diverse organizations, events and historic sites!

Our ever expanding We Make History Family includes persons who are actively involved from many places and good people who have participated from nearly every corner of America - and beyond. We Make History Virginia is growing rapidly with Historic Balls, Reenactments, Living History, Historical Education, support of historic sites and more! Persons of all ages and diverse ethnicities and backgrounds have found an historic home as part of the We Make History Family.

Why do we do this? Our faithful desire is to provide wholesome, creative, educational and recreational opportunities for families, students, schools and community groups, to gain inspiration from valuable aspects of our heritage, to make positive use of history and the arts in a way that encourages all to take a higher road here and now in the 21st century and to create an atmosphere and environment where a level of grace, respect and gentility are expected and exercised to a much higher degree than the current culture around us. In fact, by making inspirational use of our heritage and the arts we are able to bless and serve others and positively impact lives. Through uplifting and changing lives we uplift and change our culture. Thus... We Make History!